If you have been on Instagram, you know how hard it is to get traction on the platform. The first query that people have is where to buy real Instagram followers? The second query is the process and if it is safe.


Many times, people spend a lot buying thousands of followers to boost their follower count, only to learn after a few days that they have wasted their money. Their followers increased, but the engagement rates did not rise. Furthermore, they also did not make it to the explore page of Instagram. This means that there were stuck in the same situation as before purchasing Instagram followers.

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Are you wondering why this happens?

This happens when people buy fraudulent bots instead of actual Instagram followers who are real people. It is best to avoid buying followers and focus on alternative techniques to grow on Instagram, like purchasing authentic followers, using manual growth services, and leveraging the trending hashtags. If you want to buy followers, you should check out sites like Famoid, which provides active and real human followers. Famoid is best because it gives you followers already interested in your niche. Therefore, the chance of these followers interacting with your profile and post increases. Therefore, this is the most dependable methods for purchasing followers.

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If you wonder how to get famous on Instagram, the first point is above. It is buying followers. This is especially applicable if you are growing your account from scratch. However, if you already have a few thousand followers and are looking to become famous on Instagram, you should use the organic route of consistent posting, post when your followers are active, engaging with your followers, using trending hashtags, etc.


Why do followers matter?

Within a decade, Instagram has become the most used social media platform. If you are a business and not on Instagram, you are missing out on some massive opportunities to grow. As for stats, Instagram is amongst the five most popular mobile websites. Therefore, you must use this opportunity to boost your brand identity or will yourself as an influencer.

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When you have many followers, it translates to a higher rate of following. One thing you must understand is social media networks are based on the rise and fall of different trends. If your account has a low follower count, you will not get many new followers quickly. Thus, people choose to purchase followers to bridge the gap between the account with no followers and the account with 5000 followers.


Social media networks also work like Google, Bing, and other search engines. They employ different algorithms to create the newsfeed for their users. This makes it very easy for the customer to spot precisely what interests them while scrolling through the newsfeed. This algorithm is dependent on multiple factors, the overall engagement and the number of followers being a crucial part of this algorithm. Therefore, the higher number of followers your brand has, the more likely it will translate into higher visibility on the newsfeed of Instagram. To further verify this fact, you can find more examples on social media. Those who already have high follower numbers rise quickly compared to those with low follower numbers.

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If you want to stay relevant in social media, you need to have people notice your work. The best way for this is to buy followers. You can even achieve viral status when you get followers who engage with your content. This will bring many new followers to your account. Thus, purchase followers from websites that are established and not phony.


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