There is a good reason why you see so many vehicles on the roads with magnetic advertising signs extolling the virtues of their products and services, all typically offered by small businesses. Even though you may not have paid much attention to anything beyond the advertisement, the benefits to small businesses are plenty. A quick look at why businesses find vehicle magnetic signs attractive for boosting brand awareness and driving sales:

Easy To Apply and Remove

Unlike car stickers, decals, and wraps that you need to fix on the vehicle body with the help of adhesives, vehicle magnet signs, use the power of magnets built into the sign to latch on to the vehicle body. Because of the technology, magnetic signs are easy to fix and remove and do not need any surface preparation or special tools. Since they are so easy to fix and remove, you can keep on switching the signs as often as they like without incurring any additional expenditure. This flexibility allows businesses to announce sales at short notice. They can also detach the signs in case of adverse weather conditions.

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Boosts Brand Reach

With car magnetic signs being extremely affordable businesses can order them and use them freely without worrying about the impact on their budget. Even if you fix your magnetic car signs on just a few vehicles, you get the advantage of a multiplier effect because the vehicles are constantly moving around and getting noticed by people all over the town. To get the same exposure using static advertising signs and banners, you will need to buy many more signs and spend much more. According to Image 360, you can get 30,000-70,000 impressions from an advertisement on a vehicle.

Builds Credibility

When your vehicles with magnetic advertising signs move all over the town, people get to see them repeatedly, which gives the impression there are many vehicles in circulation. People interpret this as an indication that the business is large and well-established and tend to trust it more because of its higher perception of credibility. With more people sighting your advertisements, it also helps to generate word-of-mouth that acts to drive inquiries and conversions.

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Durable and Low on Maintenance

Magnetic signs typically comprise a tough vinyl material on which, the advertisement is printed using an eco-solvent printing process for high-resolution multicolor reproduction of your design fixed on a sheet of powerful magnetic substrate. When you buy magnetic signs from reputable suppliers, you can be sure that the quality will be good enough to last for several years. It is not unusual for customers to report that the life of magnetic signs is anywhere between three to five years. These signs require very little maintenance. All you need to do is clean them with a mild detergent or car shampoo from time to time to keep them looking fresh and new.

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For small businesses looking out for inexpensive methods of advertising that packs a good punch, magnetic vehicle advertising signs are a great buy. They boost brand awareness, are easy to fix and remove, and deliver a high ROI.

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