Have you tried opening a website or playing a show, only to see the dreaded message “This content is not available in your country?” If yes, you have been geo-blocked, and you might think there is nothing you can do about it.

While geo-blocking is necessary to some extent, it is a massive barrier between you and the content you may need. However, the good thing is that you can easily bypass it using a UK proxy.

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What Is Geo-blocking?

Geo-blocking is defined as a practice of restricting you from viewing specific content. The restriction is usually based on location and often applied to international borders.

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There are many geo-blocking examples that you come across every day. For instance, specific videos on YouTube are unavailable for viewing in some regions. Airbnb is also not available for people living in Iran.

Most of these platforms geo-block their content to comply with the legal systems in certain countries, licensing deals, or follow other agreements.

Certain governments also geo-block websites because they may not want their people to view them. For instance, PornHub is often blocked in most countries because of its content.

Why Do Such Restrictions Exist?

Geo-blocking can be very frustrating, especially if it’s on the content you may want to access urgently. But there are some solid reasons why such restrictions exist.

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Internet Censorship

This is the suppression or control of things you can view, publish or access on the internet. Regulators often place this control in different countries. The intensity of internet censorship varies across the globe, as some countries have limited restrictions while others practice strong censorship.

Copyright Issues

Geo-blocking also exists to prevent copyright issues. Many uploaders block their content in regions where most people tend to copy it. Some YouTube singers also block access to their albums to deter people from using or reposting their songs as their own.

Licensing Agreements

Many streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, have a license on the content that they stream online. The agreements dictate the countries their content should be streamed. To avoid any problems or unnecessary fines, these streaming platforms follow the arrangements and only stream their content where they are allowed to.

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Market Segmentation and Profitability

Certain content is only made for a specific market. In that case, creators make the content unavailable to outsiders to maximize profit from a market niche. This way, they don’t have to worry about profitability or market saturation.

How Does Geo-blocking Work?

Companies often geo-block content after looking at your IP address. Your IP address is sent to the server as soon as you visit a particular website, so it knows where you belong. Certain websites also use specialized software to detect your geographical location and the country you are connecting from.

If you belong to a place where the content is prohibited, the software blocks you from viewing it.

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Your IP can change as you travel. For instance, if you travel from America to France, you get a new IP address and will be restricted from viewing content that might be geo-blocked in France.

For some people, geo-blocking is a considerable hurdle. This is especially true for businesses that require global data to create their strategies. Luckily, there is a way to access geographically restricted content online.

Ways to ByPass Geo-blocking

Here are some ways to bypass geo-blocking and access all the content you like.

Proxy Servers

Whether you have the US or UK proxy, you can use the server to access any data available worldwide. It acts as a middleman between you and the website you may want to access.

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You get a new IP address when you access your internet through a UK proxy. The new IP helps you to access all the things that you want to do online.

There are many benefits of using a proxy to bypass geo-blocking. For starters, it is very convenient to set up a proxy server. In addition, they secure your data rather than encrypt it.

You don’t need to install a proxy. Instead, it runs within your browser hassle-free. Most high-quality proxies available are also free; however, some of these can be risky, so buying them from a reputed server provider is better.


A VPN masks your original IP address and replaces it with the one available in a different location. It does so quite effectively, and getting a VPN is inexpensive too.

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Another great thing about a VPN is that it covers all the apps you might want to access through your device. It also avoids price discrimination on websites and increases your online privacy.

Custom Browsers

Some custom and specialized browsers help hide all your current and past online activity. They do this by rerouting your connection. These browsers use encryption to keep your data anonymous. Unfortunately, this practice often results in a slow speed of the internet.


Geo-blocking is a prevalent concept and has many solid reasons for existing. However, some users require specific types of content to grow, and bypassing this restriction is the only way to progress. Thankfully, VPNs and proxies help perform this task convenient

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