Buying new tyres can be difficult if you are unaware of the different types of tyres and markings. From summer tyres to conquer intense heat weather to winter tyres for the coldest months of the year, the tyre that you select will determine your overall performance, safety and comfort.

Pick the type of Tyres Bletchley

Select from a wide range of tyres and pick the one that best suits your driving style.

  • Summer: These tyres are ideal for car owners looking to get a safe and comfortable ride, plus improved fuel efficiency. Installing these tyres can help tackle dry as well as wet road conditions.
  • All-season: These tyres are perfect for car owners trying to get a reliable grip, traction, safety and trustworthy performance in moderate weather conditions. Installing these tyres on your car will remove the hassle of changing tyres every new season.
  • Winter: These tyres are perfect for diving in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius due to their flexible compounds and clever design. Moreover, Winter tyres are made with an aggressive tread pattern that cuts through snow without compromising your safety.
  • Performance: Performance tyres are made for sports or luxury car owners looking for superior braking, handling and performance. Fitting these tyres on your car will help you while cornering and high-speed stability.
  • 4×4: These tyres are available for muddy, highways and all-terrain versions. Installing these tyres on your 4×4 or SUV will ensure you get the best drive in any road conditions.
  • Runflat tyres: Want to get additional safety when driving, then run-flat tyres will be the perfect option. These tyres will continue to perform even during a puncture for 50 miles at 50 mph.
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Check Tyre Markings:

These markings are visible on the sidewalls and contain a set of alphanumeric codes. This code reveals different details about the tyre and helps make a prompt and appropriate selection.

For example, a tyre marking of 195 55 r18

195: The first three digits represent the width of a tyre. It is important to determine how wide the tyres are. Wide tyres will improve contact surface area and provide superior traction, but affects the fuel efficiency and decreases the mileage. Therefore, it is vital to examine the width before buying a new set of tyres.

55: The next two-digit number right after the width represents the aspect ratio. It is measured by calculating the height of a tyre in relation to its width. In the above example, an aspect ratio of 55 means that the height is 55% of the width.

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R: This letter indicates Radial construction. Construction refers to the types of layers within a tyre. Other types of construction markings include D for diagonal and B for bias belt.

18: Finally, the wheel diameter is also an important criterion to check to ensure that the new unit will fit perfectly on your wheels. In the example above, the number 18 means that a tyre has a diameter of 18 inches, and can be installed on a wheel of the same size.

Pick Tyre Labelling:

There are three criteria in Tyre Labelling:

  • Rolling resistance: Rolling resistance is a critical parameter to examine when purchasing new tyres. It represents the tyre’s efficiency to roll over the road and directly influences fuel efficiency. Try finding a tyre that has decreased rolling resistance and will not endanger your on-road safety when driving. This label is categorised from letters A to E, where A is the most effective and E means the least effective.
  • Wet Grip: This label represents the tyre’s ability to break in wet road conditions. It is divided into different categories ranging from A to E, where A offers the shortest braking distance and E provides the longest braking.
  • External Noise: This criterion represents the level of noise made by the tyre when driven. This category also ranges from A to G, where A provides the lowest noise and G creates the highest levels of noise.
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For more information about Tyres Crawley, you can drive down or contact a trusted tyre provider and ask any queries or doubts.

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