CBD oil for dogs is a medication or supplement that can benefit your pet in several ways. Asides from dogs, it can as well be used by cats and some other animals. This medication is made from CBD which is one of the many substances found in cannabis plants.

The substance can be extracted through three main methods. These are by CO2 extraction, olive oil extraction, or by use of a solvent. The best and the purest form of extraction so far is CO2 extraction.

When CBD is extracted, it is used for making a wide range of products and one of these is CBD oil for dogs. Other common products for animals include pills, chews, balms, sprays, rubs, etc. It can also be used for making products that are consumable by humans such as CBD vapes, cigarettes, chews, oil, sprays, pill, etc. You may read more about CBD from this article.

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Human and animal CBD products are similar but they are formulated in different ways. It is therefore important that you buy products specifically made for animals when administering it to your canine.

What Nutrients Does CBD Contain?

CBD is actually a short form of the word cannabidiol. It is a cannabinoid and just one of the many found in hemp. It is also one the most beneficial and as a consequence, the most popular. It is made up of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances like terpenes, omega fatty acids and flavonoids.

The other equally popular and beneficial cannabinoid is called tetrahydrocannabinol which is THC for short. The problem with THC however, is that it is the substance that gives cannabis its psychoactive property. In order words, it is what makes a user of cannabis get high.

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Both CBD and THC are used in formulating products for human and animal consumption but THC is used in very low quantities. It may also not be used at all depending on the product. In any case, the maximum amount of THC allowed in a consumable product is 0.3%. This is not enough to affect your pet.

How CBD Oil for Dogs Work

Cannabidiol is effective because of the beneficial substances it contains and because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is usually referred to as ECS for short. It is a system in mammals that is responsible for some of the most important actions carried out in the body daily.

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Some of these activities include sleeping, mood changes, memory, muscle and bone formation, having the appetite to eat and so on. The ECS also supports the central nervous system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

Naturally, the ECS requires cannabinoids and other substances like enzymes to perform its function. These are however produced in the ECS and as long as these substances are available, everything is fine. When for any reason the ECS cannot produce the required natural cannabinoids, an external one in form of cannabidiol may be used.

Cannabinoid receptors in the ECS cannot differentiate this external one from the natural ones produced. As a result, the ECS can continue to function normally.

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To this end, using cannabidiol regularly for your dog is good. This is because your pet will remain healthy and strong always as the ECS has a constant supply of cannabinoids to function optimally.

Does CBD Oil For Dogs Have Side Effects?

You may be wondering are CBD oil for dogs safe? Cannabidiol is generally a safe substance to use for both humans as well as animals. It literally has no side effects.

This is as long as you buy quality products from reputable sources. It is however pertinent to note that when using it for the first time, you may notice some mild symptoms. These symptoms include your pet experiencing anxiety, a loss of appetite, lethargy, drowsiness and dry mouth.

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This is not something to be worried about if you notice any one or more of these symptoms. It is a case of your dog getting used to taking the medication and in no time they will disappear. Furthermore, because CBD for dogs contains more beneficial substances and very low levels of THC, your dog will not get high.

Where and How To Buy CBD Oil For Dogs

The cannabidiol market is unregulated. For this reason, one could fall into wrong hands and buy a fake or adulterated product. This is why it is important to research or buy from a known source.

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Some of the best places to buy your cannabidiol are from reputable online sources. You may also buy them from your local CBD store or pet provision store. What you need to keep in mind is that it must be a good quality product.

To ascertain its quality, below are some factors to keep in mind.

  • The product you buy must be organic. That is, it must be natural and without any harmful additives. You can begin by checking the labeling of the products. Bear in mind though that you cannot solely rely on this as it may not be accurate.
  • Secondly, use the pricing as a gauge. Cannabidiol products are not particularly cheap so if you find one that is excessively so, you should be wary.
  • Furthermore, if you want more assurance, you may request the product’s certificate of analysis (COA). A reputable supplier will be willing to provide you with it.
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You can learn more about buying cannabidiol here https://www.magneticmag.com/.


As a pet parent, caring for your pet is a given; asides from feeding, grooming providing an ideal environment, what better way than to administer CBD oil for dogs? Cannabidiol helps to keep your dog healthy, strong and alert.

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