Scrum framework is the bread and butter of IT companies and is used in almost all of the fortune 500 companies. Since its debut in 1986 Scrum has come a long way in serving its role of delivering quality products with efficient resource management. The main goal of the Scrum framework is to address complex problems while boosting product quality along with value maximization.

With the rapid growth of the software and IT industry the demand for Certified Scrum Professionals is also increasing. Professionals certified in using scrum are an invaluable asset to any developmental team. One such certification is that of CSPO®, it’s an abbreviation for Certified Scrum Product Owner. CSPO® is currently one of the most in-demand Scrum certifications you can get. In this article, we will try to understand CSPO® and what makes it a good choice.

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Who is a CSPO®?


A CSPO® or Certified Scrum Product Owner is a person overseeing a developmental team to ensure maximum productivity and high production value of the final product. A CSPO® is well versed in the ways of scrum and can implement agile frameworks in a practical setting. It’s the responsibility of the CSPO® to make crucial decisions like choosing a project, aligning work, validating a product. It is also the CSPO® who decides whether a said product is ready as per the client’s requirements, as well as making adjustments to give maximum value to the client.

CSPO® is a mid-level managerial position, as such a certain amount of prior experience is recommended to become one. Certified CSPO® can choose to train to become an Advanced CSPO® (A- CSPO®).

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What makes CSPO® a good choice?


CSPO® is a great choice for anyone looking for a career in scrum. With the rapid development of the IT industry, the demand for adequate Scrum professionals has increased, and CSPO® happens to be the perfect certification to fill the role. It’s considered the #1 emerging skillset for the global workforce by World Economic Forum. The use of Scrum is not just limited to IT, more and more industries are finding ways of incorporating agile frameworks in their developmental teams leading to an even higher demand of scrum certified individuals in the future.

A CSPO® course can set you up for a bright future in Scrum and IT. You can choose to build upon it by undertaking more advanced CSPO® training courses.

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Skills needed by a product owner


Every job demands certain skills and abilities to ensure a smooth workflow and good cooperation between peers, the job of being a CSPO® is no different. While the low entry barrier and no testing policy makes it accessible to practically everyone with a high school diploma or equivalent, there are some skills and abilities that make it a better choice for some more so than others.

Let’s take a look at some of the skills that make way for a good CSPO®, these are the qualities recruiters look for when hiring people for the said position.

Domain Experience

Knowledge is a key factor in any work scenario, being a scrum product owner is no different. Apart from being well versed in the ways of scrum a CSPO® must also have knowledge about both the company and client industry. Thus, good industry knowledge is a key requirement for any CSPO® and is often the most searched quality by employers. While not necessary in case you lack adequate knowledge, it is a good idea to build up the said knowledge before training to become a CSPO® as this may give you a competitive edge over others.

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Leadership and Communication

Apart from ensuring the quality of the product, a CSPO® is also tasked with leading a team, at times through adverse conditions. In order for the team to function smoothly and ensure cooperation among all team members, it is crucial for the CSPO® to have good communication and leadership skills. Good communication is also necessary to maintain good company-client harmony for extended periods of workflow. If you happen to lack these you should work on them to increase your chances of becoming a better CSPO®.

Boosting the value

Developmental teams like most teams generally work on a timestamp, this timestamp is usually pretty narrow and requires the team to work efficiently and rapidly. While a good way to utilize time if kept unchecked this can lead to the decreased value of the final product. A CSPO® must make sure the product is developed in the given time span while also not compromising with the value.

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Good assessment of client needs

“Customer is king”, while somewhat outdated and not completely true in today’s IT and software industries. Good client satisfaction plays a big role in building a long-term company reputation. A good CSPO® must be capable of assessing the client and optimizing the product to best meet the client’s requirements.


How to become a CSPO®?


Unlike other Scrum-based certifications, there are no particular prerequisites to become a CSPO®, however, a strong grasp of scrum framework along with industry work experience is recommended.

To become a CSPO® you just need to sign up for a 16-hr. training course which can take place either in person or online. Both the means are equally valid and you may choose according to your convenience. Following the completion of the course, your training details along with the instruction of the course are sent to the Scrum Alliance by your instructor. Once that is done you can receive the CSPO® license by logging into the official scrum website.

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At the time of writing this, there is no test required to become a CSPO®.




CSPO® is a great option for young people looking for a career in Scrum. Its low entry barrier ensures that a large pool of people can be benefited from it, not to mention CSPO® opens up the gates to more advanced degrees that help you climb the corporate ladder in an efficient and systematic way. This makes CSPO® a gateway to a bright and promising career making it a great way to kickstart your career.

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