Today, you might have heard about cannabidiol and other CBD-related products, especially in the pet industry. This is because these hemp extracts have various therapeutic benefits to the health and wellness of dogs, cats, horses, and other animals.

However, what exactly are these products, and do they work at all? Are they safe in the first place?

With so much information on the internet today, you may find it challenging to sift through the facts. If you’re going to get CBD oil for dogs, know that there are several factors that you need to know about before anything else. Here’s some of them.

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Information about Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol or CBD is an organic compound that’s commonly found in hemp plants. This extract is believed to ease anxiety, pain, and inflammation in both humans and animals.

The reason for its effectiveness is because it can act into a mammal’s endocannabinoid system or ECS that directly impacts one’s central nervous system. The ECS is usually responsible for regulating your pet’s mood, immune system, digestion, and other essential functions.

When your canine gets a dose of CBD tinctures, know that they have a massive potential in assisting various conditions, including relaxation, deep sleep, pain management, and fewer episodes of seizures. The oil can also be helpful when it comes to helping older pets get relief from osteoarthritis. Get more info about what to do when your pet has seizures in this link here.

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Differences Between Marijuana and Hemp

Both of these compounds are commonly found in the cannabis sativa strain. In marijuana, the plant may yield a psychoactive compound called THC that can cause feelings of getting high and euphoria. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical responsible for the intoxication of many marijuana users, and this is something that you should avoid. The amount of THC in weed is about 30%, which is often illegal in some states.

On the other hand, some strains of hemp plants produce a huge percentage of cannabidiol and only about 0.3% THC. Some companies even manufacture CBD isolates that don’t have any percentage of THC in them. The small percentage of CBD in legitimate bottles is not enough to produce a psychoactive in pets.

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In fact, the combination of cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol, terpenes, flavonoids, and minerals can even result in an entourage effect that will make the oil more effective in combating swelling and inflammation.

Can Your Pet Get High from CBD Products?

Not all products are created equal, and if you get a bottle from a trusted manufacturer in the industry, your pet won’t experience any high at all. Make sure to read the ingredients, reviews about the oil, and instructions for the right dose. Some dogs may feel sleepy and lethargic during the day if you give them a higher amount of CBD than necessary.

Most cannabidiol products can have a positive influence on some pets’ brain activities. This can lead them to have potential benefits like reducing anxiety and stress, getting better sleep, and managing their pain better.

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You should avoid those bottles with intoxicating levels of THC. Discuss everything with your vet before giving a new supplement to your pet to be safe. Do your due diligence on the products you’re interested in in the marketplace and be careful with what you’re buying. Never attempt to experiment with the products and observe your dog’s behavior and health after administering CBD. Get more info about CBD in this link:

Potential Benefits to Know

Those hemp-derived products may still be new in the veterinary space, but there’s already a lot of anecdotal evidence about their effectiveness. There’s still a need for in-depth studies about the effects of cannabidiol and how it affects the body, but some products have proven that they can make improvements in no time.

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Since your pet has a natural endocannabinoid system, the oil extracts will be helpful in regulating their body’s various functions. Based on the clinical trials done on humans, there’s a possibility that CBD may be beneficial in the following:

  • Dermatitis, hypersensitivity, and other inflammatory conditions
  • Can Help in pain management or its significant reduction
  • Reduces convulsions, epilepsies, and seizures
  • Can support the immune system to fight cancer and other related diseases
  • Has a beneficial impact on your pet’s central nervous system
  • Significantly reduces anxiety, stress, and depressive episodes in animals
  • Support gut health and other gastrointestinal functions

There are also various anecdotal pieces of evidence for CBD making significant improvements in animals’ many functions. In surveys done in 2018, it was revealed by many owners that cannabidiol-infused products have significantly helped their pets with anxiety, pain, and sleep issues. There are also peer-reviewed findings that show how the extracts can improve a canine’s life even if he has osteoarthritis.

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How Do the Animals Respond to Cannabidiol?

Animals have two kinds of receptors, and they are CB1 and CB2. They regulate and help balance a pet’s central and immune system, leading them to combat allergies, mood swings, pain, redness, swelling, and inflammation.

There are currently three components of the ECS, namely the enzymes, endocannabinoids, and receptors. These chemicals are usually generated based on demand, and they can bind to the receptors in times of injuries, diseases, or stress.

The phytocannabinoids in hemp plants will combine with the receptors to achieve balance in the body. Know that not all canines will respond to the same product and dose of CBD, and the effects can still depend on your pet’s size, weight, age, and overall health. Do some research on the web to know more.

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