How to painlessly return to work after vacation? How and when is it better to do? What affects the success of a stress-free start after the holidays? What else do you need to consider? Let’s try to figure it out.


Many people experience the so-called “post-holiday syndrome.” This is one of the consequences of the high intensity of our activities after a vacation. On vacation we led a relaxed lifestyle – slept well, ate well, filled their lives with impressions, emotions, memories.


Going to work after a relaxed regime, we immediately plunge into the problems and search for solutions, deadlines, overdue or burning tasks. As a result, nerves, stress, a busy schedule, and the need to communicate with a lot of different people lead to the development of post-work syndrome.

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Some people’s moods deteriorate and they become irritable, while others may experience an exacerbation of chronic illnesses, drowsiness, headaches and/or stomach pains. Often this is only a temporary setback, which is essentially our “attempt” to unconsciously extend our rest.


Studies show that more than 70% of all resignations were written just after vacation, with more than 30% of employees quitting in the first week after returning from vacation.


We are not all equally vulnerable to “post-holiday syndrome.” Those who have been on vacation for more than one month, those who no longer plan their vacation or vacation in the coming months, those who work “out of place,” and those who overwork themselves right after they return to work are the most susceptible to it.

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Our adaptive capacity decreases with age, and men are more sensitive to post-holiday stresses than women.


To avoid this syndrome, you need to enter work gradually, avoiding sudden changes in the pace and fullness of life.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

During vacation we relax and often allow ourselves to eat more unhealthy foods, drink alcoholic beverages, which means that our digestive system requires recovery. If there are no contraindications, you can take seasonal multivitamins, which help to increase the body’s adaptive capacity.

Get a Good Sleep Before Work

It is better to fall asleep before midnight and to sleep at least 7-8 hours a few days in a row. Try to wake up a little earlier than you did on vacation to set your body up for an early rise and to get ready without a rush.

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Get out in the Middle of the Week

It’s best to go to work on Wednesday or Thursday. After all, if you go out on Monday, you’re in for a long work week, fatigue and stress. If you work on Wednesday and Thursday, you will work just a couple of days and the weekend is ahead. This way you will adapt more easily and get into a stress-free work schedule.

Find Time to Relax

Take time to distance yourself from sources of stress, to be alone with yourself or to communicate only with people you like. During this time, you can do what you really enjoy from playing at the best online casino NZ to going out with friends.

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Plan Your Inactivity

We’ve been taught to plan duties, but we’ve forgotten to learn how to plan for inactivity. Try scheduling rest first and then other things to do. You’ll see, you’ll love the results.

Take a Break From Gadgets

If work or study involves a computer, try to do without it at home, or at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Be Active

If your work is sedentary, switching from activity to a forced sedentary lifestyle will be stressful for your body. Start the morning with a light warm-up or yoga, do not use the elevator, walk more, and after work, if you have strength and mood, go to the gym or take an evening jog.

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Relaxed Communication With Co-workers

Conversations on common topics help speed up and ease the adjustment to daily activities. Talk to them about the most enjoyable moments on vacation, share the challenges of returning from vacation or vacations. Understanding that you’re not the only one having a hard time adjusting helps you overcome stress more effectively.

Take Breaks From Work

If possible, take short (10-15 minute) breaks every 2-3 hours. Do a warm-up for your eyes, hands and shoulders, sit for 5 minutes with your eyes closed, do a couple of bends and squats, look out the window in the distance for a couple of minutes. During your lunch break, be sure to get out into the fresh air to breathe and stretch.

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Treat Yourself After Work

You can take a walk or go shopping, you can visit a restaurant or a movie theater – anything that will bring you pleasure.


Anticipation of a pleasant evening helps to spend the work day in a good mood.

Use Meditative Practices and Techniques of Emotional Self-regulation

They can help to quickly and qualitatively restore the physical and psychological state after the end of a busy day. If what you’re doing, you chronically do not enjoy, then it’s worth reflecting on whether you’re “in your right place. Perhaps you have not yet found yourself, yours and your own.

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