Everyone has exhaled: 2021 is finally coming to a close! We want to celebrate it in a big way, especially since Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up. Whether we like it or not, we will be celebrating them at home with our families or in small groups with our nearest and dearest. And we need to be thoroughly prepared for that!


We will give you some tips on how to decorate your apartment or house with minimum expense, nerves, and time and with pleasure for the whole family, so you can relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere by playing theme games in Philippine online casino or watching holiday movies and in general to prepare for the New Year without any worries and rush,

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With Your Own Hands

Decorating an apartment for the holidays seems like an expensive and unreasonable pleasure. After all, good decor = expensive. And to make it beautiful = you need to call a decorator. Plus, there’s not a lot of space, time, or money, either.


But these are all stereotypes, which we can now easily debunk. First, the decor will be expensive if you buy plastic balloons and toys that quickly break and break and rain that crumble and tear year after year. If you spend money on quality: wooden, glass decor, which is a little more expensive – you will use it for years and pass it on to children, who will in memory of their childhood years – decorate their homes with it.

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If you do not want to buy all that tinsel – make toys and decor with your own hands. Candied garlands, Advent calendars made of cardboard, and Christmas trees made of wood and twine. This is not only economical but also very stylish. After all, it looks simple, not motley, from your favorite colors and, of course, with love.


If there is no space and you need help in your apartment – do not call a decorator, but ask the designers for help. They will give you good advice, and the demand for their services is not as high before the New Year. Designers will help you not only to arrange the decor and the Christmas tree but also to orient the colors and styles that are relevant today.

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All Together

During New Year and Christmas holidays it is especially enjoyable to spend time together when all relatives and friends don’t just get together for dinner, but also create a celebration: play games, cook together and decorate the house for the holiday.


It usually takes place in a well-known New Year’s Eve movie, Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald records, or your favorite ABBA. No one rushes anywhere and creates an atmosphere. We encourage you to try to create that mood this year.


But here it is important to remember that what matters is not how you decorate the apartment, but how you spend your time. But so that you don’t have everything in different styles later on – prepare the whole family, ask who would like to add what to their room, how best to decorate the living room and dining room, and prepare the decor in advance.

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No Traditional Christmas Tree

A trend of the last few years is not having one big Christmas tree. Traditional big trees are mass destruction of forests and plastic alternatives are no better. And over the past few years, many have started experimenting – buying spruce branches for the pine scent, choosing small Christmas trees collected from fallen branches, or assembling a Christmas tree from improvised materials.


For example, you can make a Christmas tree from a dusty stack of books, from wood and twine, you can experiment and choose any Christmas attributes and assemble an alternative Christmas tree from them. So, if you are open to new things – collect examples for inspiration.

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In addition to the traditional attributes of Christmas decor, do not forget to pay attention to the light. Garlands, wreaths with lights and candles are ideal for the cozy atmosphere of winter evenings. And it’s hard to go overboard here. Warm, yellow bulb lights can be added to every room.


Use garlands with regular bulbs for the bedroom, candles in the living room and dining room. Try to choose them in the same color and style, so that the brightness and saturation of the light are sufficient.


This year against the background of the general trend for minimalism it will be very relevant to pay attention, not to the quantity but the quality of candles and Christmas decorations. Try to choose fewer candles but in the same color. Let the hues of garlands, toys, and wreaths be in the same color, then you won’t need to buy a lot of them, and they can make a great composition.



Also, try not just to focus on one place where you place the Christmas tree and gifts, but spread this atmosphere throughout the room, but using small decorative paraphernalia.


Don’t forget that the holidays will pass and plastic will decompose for hundreds of years to come, so don’t use disposable toys, clappers, and plastic wrapping for presents.


In addition, toys, packaging, and decor from natural materials will look more organic and stylish. Wrap presents in Kraft, make toys out of wood, or hang real mandarins on spruce branches. And you’ll notice how much easier and lighter the space will be. Such attributes and decor will help to start the new year easier and in a new way, without garbage and the need to fill your life and home with plastic next year.

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The year 2021 has proven that there is no place more important than home. It’s where we live, grow, work, raise children, fight, cook dinner, meet our family, play with the dog, and become ourselves.


There is a beautiful period of zeroing in and a fresh start in 2022 ahead of you, so let the atmosphere in your home help set the right mood, create a backdrop where you feel like you are you. For this, choose simplicity and love.

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