The Ultimate Guide to Banjô Ginga’s Net Worth: Facts, Figures, and Surprising Discoveries

Banjô Ginga, the famous Japanese voice actor, is one of the most renowned actors in the industry. He has given his voice for some of the most iconic and memorable characters in anime, films, and TV shows. From his voice acting roles to his background, there is so much to know about Banjô Ginga. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the entire journey of Banjô Ginga’s net worth. Let’s dive into interesting details regarding Banjô Ginga’s net worth and find out what he’s been up to lately.

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Who is Banjô Ginga?

Banjô Ginga is a Japanese voice actor and actor who was born on November 12, 1948, in Japan. He is known for his role in some of the most popular anime series, including the iconic Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Naruto, and many more. Moreover, he has also lent his voice to several villainous characters in various popular anime series and films.

Banjô Ginga’s Net Worth in 2021

Banjô Ginga has an estimated net worth of $4 million in 2021. His main source of income is from his career as a voice actor, actor and narrator.

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Banjô Ginga’s Journey to Fame: Highlights

Banjô Ginga’s journey of success started when he began his career in acting with hand puppets in the 1960s. He then expanded his fields to include TV shows, films, stage dramas, and even voice acting. Banjô Ginga became recognized widely in the 1980s when he started working with anime series such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and Fist of the North Star, to name a few.

Banjô Ginga’s Career as a Voice Actor

Banjô Ginga is known for his deep voice, which has made him a popular choice for various anime roles. He has lent his voice for many characters, including villains, in iconic anime series and films, including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball Z, and many more.

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Banjô Ginga’s Awards and Achievements

Banjô Ginga has received numerous awards throughout his career as a voice actor. In 2004, he won the “Best Supporting Actor” award at the 8th Animation Kobe Awards for his role in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. He has also won the “Best Supporting Performance” award at the 5th Seiyū Awards and many other awards often for the quality of his voice acting.


Q1. What is Banjô Ginga’s most famous role as a voice actor?
A1. Banjô Ginga’s most famous role is Shôzô Kutani from the anime series, Fist of the North Star.

Q2. What is Banjô Ginga’s estimated net worth?
A2. Banjô Ginga’s estimated net worth is $4 million in 2021.

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Q3. What is Banjô Ginga’s hobby?
A3. Banjô Ginga’s hobby is listening to classical music and playing his beloved guitar.

Q4. Does Banjô Ginga have any social media accounts?
A4. Banjô Ginga does not have any social media accounts that he actively uses.

Q5. Has Banjô Ginga won any awards for his voice acting?
A5. Yes, Banjô Ginga has won numerous awards for his voice acting, including the Best Supporting Actor award at the 8th Animation Kobe Awards for his role in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Q6. What is Banjô Ginga’s birth name?
A6. Banjô Ginga’s birth name is Yasuhiro Naka.

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Q7. How old is Banjô Ginga?
A7. Banjô Ginga was born on November 12, 1948, which makes him 73 years old as of 2021.


Banjô Ginga is a legendary voice actor who has worked in so many iconic anime series, films, and TV shows. He has won numerous awards for his outstanding work, which has not only been acknowledged by his fans but also by industry experts. Banjô Ginga has an estimated net worth of $4 million in 2021, which reflects his hard work, dedication, and expertise in his craft. Let’s continue to watch out for Banjô Ginga’s future incredible voice acting performances.

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