The king size weighted blanket is what gives you the super comfort when you sleep. When you sleep on your king size mattress, you also need a mattress protector king.

These bed accessories are very important for your king size mattress. When you and your family sleep, the utmost priority should always be your comfort.

What Are the Features of a King Size Weighted Blanket?

The king size weighted blanket should be around 25 lbs. Its weight is mostly about the body’s weight. This implies that, the weight should be focused on the body.

It has a dimension of about 80 inches by 86 inches. This means that it fits perfectly for the king size mattress. This blanket helps you sleep comfortably. It is so therapeutic because it helps relieve you of insomnia, stress and anxiety.

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The king size weighted blanket is mostly about 5 to 32 pounds. However, it is still lightweight. When you and your partner sleep, this weighted blanket hugs you and has a soothing effect on you.

The king size weighted blanket comes in unique design. It sometimes has glass beads. It could also have plastic pellets. Some have open knit fabric. This makes them more fashionable.

This blanket increases serotonin in your body. This is as a result of the pressure from the king size weighted blanket. This is what causes soothing and calming effect on sleepers.

What is a Mattress Protector King?

The mattress protector king simply helps preserve your mattress. This is a bed accessory for your king size bed. With the mattress protector king, you are guaranteed of clean bed at all times. This is because it helps keep the bed in good shape.

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The mattress protector king protects the mattress from spills, perspiration, liquid and even bed bugs. You do not have to be bothered about your sweat when you sleep.

Also, the mattress protector king has temperature regulation. This implies that, it works for all degrees of coolness. It just doesn’t protect the mattress alone, it keeps sleepers warm.

It saves sleepers from allergens. It is dust resistant and this waterproof mattress cover prevents all kinds of skin irritation.

It also allows easy cleaning of the mattress. Interestingly, when there are dirts on the bed, this mattress protector king makes it easier to wipe away dirts, and spills.

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It also reduces the growth of bacteria and pathogens on the mattress. People carry a lot of germs around and when they sleep on the mattress, they transmit these bacteria on it. However, this mattress protector king does not allow mold develop on your bed.

Do Mattress Protector King And King Size Weighted Blanket Last Long?

These are family size bed accessories. They are produced from sustainable materials and this helps them last long.

The king size weighted blanket gives you value for your money. The same way the mattress protector king is a great investment. This is because your mattress would last long.

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You can join sleepers who use the king size weighted blanket. They feel so comfortable to sleep all night. The mattress protector king is also a great bed accessory. It has great temperature regulation, so it fits for all seasons.

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