Linked lists and arrays are important topics from the computer science family. These topics play a vital role in the GATE examination. An array is a bunch of data segments managed in contiguous memory. It is the simplest form of data structure that allows us to access the data components through the index number. On the other hand, a linked list is a linear data structure in which each component is allocated dynamically. In the case of a linked list, each component indicates the next component.


Differences between articles are an important part of the GATE examination. They give a clear picture and concepts about two different topics in a precise manner. In this article we will learn about the difference between array and linked list.

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Difference between Array and Linked List










It is a collection of data items.A linked list is a collection of entities known as nodes. In the case of linked lists, the node has two parts i.e. data and address.
2.In an array the data components are not dependent on each other.In the linked list, the data components are dependent on each other.


In the case of arrays, the memory is allocated at the compile time.In the case of linked lists, the memory is allocated at the run time.


In arrays, it is easy and quick to access the data components.In a linked list, it is hard and time consuming to access the data components.


Here, the memory utilization is ineffective.The memory utilization is effective here.



These are some basic differences between arrays and linked lists. If you are a GATE computer science aspirant, then it is important to learn more about these types of differences between articles. As full form and difference between articles are important from the GATE exam perspective. Make sure you focus on the full form articles, formulas, algorithms, GATE difference between articles and more such topics.


If you are a newbie in this GATE world, then you need to clear your thoughts about some significant GATE components. The components include syllabus, previous year papers, exam pattern, exam mode, study material, notes and more. You have to focus on all of these topics in perfect manner in order to become GATE qualified. Immense hardwork and dedication towards these components will help you achieve your goal.

Have a Great GATE!

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