For many people, success is often measured by the amount of wealth a person has accumulated. While many singers have gained popularity and success, not all of them end up being wealthy. One artist that has been making headlines in the Turkish music industry is Hadise Açikgöz, a singer-songwriter, dancer, and television personality. With several hit songs to her name, many people are curious about Hadise Açikgöz’s net worth. In this article, we will explore how much money the Turkish pop star has and whether or not her fortune is worth the hype.

Who is Hadise Açikgöz?

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Hadise Açikgöz was born in Belgium in 1985 to Turkish parents. She got her start in the music industry in the early 2000s when she released her first album, “Sweat”. Since then, she has released several other albums, including “Tavsiye” and “Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer?” In addition to her music career, Hadise has also appeared as a judge on the Turkish version of “The Voice” and “X Factor”. Her beauty and sense of style have also made her a popular choice as a model and brand ambassador.

How did Hadise Açikgöz become famous?

Although Hadise’s parents had hoped that she would pursue a career in medicine or law, she was passionate about music from a young age. She entered a talent competition when she was just 16 years old, which helped her gain attention from record labels. A few years later, she released her first album, “Sweat”, which included several hit songs, including “Sweat”, “Milk Chocolate Girl”, and “Stir Me Up”. Her popularity grew, and she began touring and performing at concerts in Turkey and abroad.

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What is Hadise Açikgöz’s net worth?

According to various online sources, Hadise Açikgöz’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. Considering that she has been active in the music industry for almost two decades, this is not surprising. In addition to her album sales and concert tours, Hadise has also earned money from endorsements and sponsorships. She has worked with several well-known brands, including Coca-Cola, Samsung, and L’Oréal.

What are some of Hadise Açikgöz’s biggest hits?

Hadise has released several hit songs throughout her career. Here are some of her most popular songs:

– “Sweat”
– “Düm Tek Tek”
– “A Good Kiss”
– “Fast Life”
– “Evlenmeliyiz”
– “Mesajımı Almıştır O”
– “Prenses”

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How does Hadise Açikgöz spend her money?

While Hadise keeps her personal life private, it is safe to assume that she spends her money on things that bring her joy and comfort. Like many celebrities, she likely owns a luxurious home and owns a fleet of expensive cars. She may also travel frequently and invest in stocks or other assets to increase her wealth.

Is Hadise Açikgöz’s net worth worth the hype?

While $7 million is undoubtedly a significant amount of money, it is not uncommon for successful singers to have a higher net worth. However, it is essential to note that the value of a person’s net worth does not define their success or happiness. Hadise’s talent and hard work have helped her achieve a level of fame and prosperity that many people aspire to, and that is worth celebrating.

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Q1. How much money has Hadise earned from her music?
A. It is difficult to determine the exact amount of money Hadise has earned from her music. However, she has sold millions of albums and has had several hit songs, which have likely been lucrative.

Q2. Has Hadise won any awards for her music?
A. Yes, Hadise has received several awards for her music. In 2009, she won “Best Turkish Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She has also won several awards in Turkey, including the Golden Butterfly Award and the Kral TV Music Award.

Q3. Does Hadise have any other sources of income besides music?
A. Yes, Hadise has earned money from endorsements and sponsorships. She has also worked as a judge on several TV shows and has modeled for various brands.

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Q4. What is Hadise’s most successful album?
A. Hadise’s most successful album to date is “Sweat”, which was released in 2005. The album has sold over 150,000 copies in Turkey alone and features several hit songs.

Q5. Is Hadise considered to be one of Turkey’s most successful singers?
A. Yes, Hadise has achieved significant success in Turkey and is considered to be one of the country’s most successful singers. She has sold millions of albums and has received numerous awards for her music.

Q6. How has Hadise’s net worth changed over the years?
A. Hadise’s net worth has likely increased over the years as she has continued to release hit songs and work on various projects. However, it is difficult to determine the exact amount of her fortune as it is not publicly disclosed.

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Q7. Does Hadise donate to charitable causes?
A. It is not publicly known whether or not Hadise donates to charitable causes. However, it is not uncommon for celebrities to support various organizations or charities that are important to them.


Hadise Açikgöz is a well-known figure in the Turkish music industry, and her talent and hard work have helped her achieve significant success. While her net worth of $7 million may not be the highest among singers, it is still a significant amount of money. Ultimately, it is important to remember that a person’s net worth does not define their worth or happiness. Hadise’s success is a testament to her talent and perseverance, and we wish her continued success in the future.

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