Huawei band 6 is a smartwatch that provides many new features and distinctiveness which won’t be found on other Smartwatches. For example, it comes with a built-in GPS module, which is relatively rare for the Smartwatches. It also has an inbuilt altimeter to measure your current elevation. This Smartwatch will surely be on the wish list of many people who are looking for something new and innovative.

Feature 1: 1.67 inches FHD/326 DPI OLED Display

The Smartwatch is equipped with a 1.67-inch OLED display with a 326DPI, which ensures that you would see equally smooth and clear images on the screen. On the other hand, The resolution of the screen renders images of high-quality while making it easy to view content on the Smartwatch. In addition to this, it doesn’t leave much space for apps and notifications on the display making it run smoothly without any lags during operation by the users. The screen has features for the users to adjust the brightness of the display, view notifications and manage other settings by swiping up and down on the screen. In order to control your Smartwatch and change its settings, you will find physical buttons on its sides.

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Feature 2: MediaTek MT2601 wearable platform

Huawei band 6 is equipped with MediaTek MT2601 wearable platform. This platform allows users to enjoy a faster device performance which can run multiple apps simultaneously without any hiccups or lags during operation. It comes with a built-in GPS module which is used for tracking your location, localising yourself and tracking your current coordinates. In addition to this, it is also used for tracking your progress and measuring your distance during physical activities and workouts.

Feature 3: Heart rate sensor

Health conscious users will definitely appreciate the fact that Huawei band 6 has a built-in heart rate sensor. This provides the users with an increase in health monitoring efficiency since with this Smartwatch, you have access to advanced health management options which measure your heart beat, calculate calories burnt during your workout sessions and much more. Therefore, this becomes an essential device for those who are looking for an effective way to manage their health. This can be very helpful in saving them from any injuries by informing them whether they are overweight or not.

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Feature 4: Sleep Monitoring

Sleep monitoring options are available on the Smartwatch. This will be very helpful to the users by letting them know about the quality of sleep they are getting. It has an inbuilt tracking option for sleep which will analyse your sleeping patterns and provide you with details about the time you spend during your normal slumber. You can also compare your sleep patterns with other users of Huawei band 6 through its cloud platform to get a healthy perspective of your sleeping latencies. The sleep tracker will inform you regarding when you tend to go to bed and also wake up, which can help in improving your sleeping pattern and schedule so that it would affect your efficiency during daytime activities.

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Overall, Huawei band 6 price is very affordable and it is a great addition to your wrist which provides you with a ton of amazing features and options for health management that can be very helpful in improving the quality of life.

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