Ten surprising facts about Andrea Ramolo’s net worth that you didn’t know before

Andrea Ramolo is an artist, a writer, and a singer. She has had an exceptional career, with over two decades of experience in the music industry. Without further ado, let’s dive into ten surprising facts about Andrea Ramolo’s net worth that you didn’t know before.

How did Andrea launch her career?

Andrea Ramolo started her music career in her early 20s, touring with a band named The Saddletramps. Afterward, she formed a duo with Cindy Doire, called Scarlett Jane. They released their first album in 2011, and the band has been popular ever since. Andrea has been active in the music industry for over two decades, and she has developed a loyal fanbase around the world.

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What is Andrea Ramolo’s net worth?

Andrea’s estimated net worth as of 2021 is $1 million. This fortune has come from her long career as a professional musician, where she has released several albums, toured the world, and earned a considerable fan following. Besides music, she has also made her money from authoring her first novel, “The Shadows We Mistake,” making her earnings quite commendable.

Did Andrea have any additional sources of income?

Besides being a musician, Andrea Ramolo is also a writer and has authored her first novel, “The Shadows We Mistake”, marking her debut in Canadian Literature. According to sources, she has already made some profit from that too.

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Does she own any properties or assets?

Yes, Andrea owns a house in Toronto, Canada, where she lives with her family. The house is well furnished, and its worth is estimated to be around $940k. Her assets also include a luxury car that’s worth over $60k.

Did Andrea earn royalties from movies and TV shows?

Aside from being a musician, Ramolo’s songs have been used in several film and TV projects. Her discography has appeared on TV shows, such as The Hills and significant motion pictures, including The Twilight Saga.

Has Andrea collaborated with other major artists?

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Yes, Andrea has done multiple collaborations with other famous artists. One of her most recognized collaborations was with Six Shooter Records, where she shared the stage with Kathleen Edwards, Tanya Tagaq, and Buffy Sainte-Marie. In 2013, Andrea was honored to open for legend Neil Young at the Sylvan Lake Amphitheatre.

Did Andrea Ramolo win any awards?

Andrea has won several awards during her long music career. Her duo, Scarlett Jane, was awarded the Best Canadian Folk Albums at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2013. In 2017, her debut solo album entitled NUDA was also nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.

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Q1. What is Andrea Ramolo’s nationality?
Andrea Ramolo is Canadian.

Q2. What inspired Andrea Ramolo to pursue her music career?
Andrea was born into a musical family, and her upbringing was infused with music. Her passion grew more after moving to the United States in her early 20s, where she gained exposure to various music genres.

Q3. Can we directly contact Andrea Ramolo?
Yes, you can reach Andrea Ramolo via email on her official website.

Q4. How many albums did Andrea Ramolo release?
Andrea has released several albums, starting from her duo Scarlet Jane’s first album in 2011. Afterward, she released her first solo album, NUDA, in 2017. Additionally, she has also worked on various other projects that feature her music.

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Q5. Has Andrea Ramolo ever gone on any music tours?
Yes, Andrea has toured various countries around the world, performing her music for her fans.

Q6. Has Andrea released any books?
Yes, Andrea has authored a book titled “The Shadows We Mistake.”

Q7. Is Andrea Ramolo engaged or married?
There is no public information available about Andrea Ramolo’s personal life.


After evaluating Andrea Ramolo’s net worth, we can conclude that she is a successful Canadian artist who has made a considerable amount of money from her hard work and dedication. Her estimated net worth of $1 million is the result of her long and successful career in the music industry. Her books and royalty earnings have only boosted her financial numbers. Regardless of net worth, Andrea Ramolo continues to create music and is an inspiration to all creatives out there on how to follow their dreams to become a successful artist.

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