Are you looking for a solution that helps keep your access cards on display and safe at all times? Badge reels are such cool accessories that can help you achieve this objective. These reels are available in different patterns, materials, styles, and colours.

Why Should You Use Badge Reels to Wear An Access Card?

You can easily clip this piece of equipment on your bag, belt, or clothes. They are available in different types such as:

  • Retractable reels
  • ID reels
  • Carabiner reels
  • Translucent reels
  • Key-bak retractable reels
  • Heavy-duty reels

 The article will look at different reasons why a badge reel should be a part of your workplace attire.

Access Cards are on Display at All Times

If your company requires you to display your identification or access card when at the workplace, you can do so with badge reels. You do not waste your time carrying around the card separately. Instead, you can easily clip the device on your shirt, belt, or dress. The retractable mechanism of the reel ensures you can use your access card conveniently to gain access.

Keep Track of your Access Card

With the help of the reel, you can keep your access card on you without any issues. You need not worry about your card being misplaced or lost. You can move about the office premises with ease as the card will always be neatly clipped on your side.

Safer to Use Compared to Lanyards

Lanyards are another famous piece of equipment used for keeping access cards or badges handy. This equipment, though functional, could become a safety hazard in a medical or industrial environment. You do not want your badges to hinder your ability to provide prompt treatments to patients.

Similarly, in an industrial environment, wherein multiple machines are running around the clock, you do not want your lanyard to get stuck in any of those big machines. Lanyards are considered risk-prone as they are a choking hazard and have caused several accidents around the world. With the help of the reel, your access card remains close to your body and away from the work you are conducting.  

Quick Access in Times of Emergency

A badge reel comes with an outer casing, which is available in different materials, shapes, and sizes. On the backside of the casing is a clip that you can attach to your clothes. The retractable cord is wrapped on an inner reel present inside the casing. The inner reel ensures the cord does not get tangled.

The cord is attached to another clip or strap that is used to connect your access card. The reel’s design ensures you can quickly pull your access card and return the card to its original position with ease. For example, if you are working at a hospital, you can efficiently use your time with these reels.  

Aids in Brand Management

You can customize reels in various ways. For example, if you want your company logo, a particular image, or a slogan on the reel, you can very well get it done. As a company, you can present a unified image to your customers with these reels.

You can use it to improve brand awareness and visibility. Reels could also instil a sense of belonging among employees. Remind them they are part of the team even if they work out of different locations.

Badge reels offer several benefits to the wearer. You no longer have to wait for your colleagues to bail you out of conference rooms or wait to gain access to a different department floor. Thanks to reels, you can safely keep your access cards on you and use them with ease. They are quick and efficient to use and keep you out of harm’s way. Get badge reels customized with your brand colours today.

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