Sometimes people ask about why developers choose Ruby on Rails for the projects even though there are other famous backend languages exist like Java, Python, PHP, and others. There have been always multiple reasons to use it but most of the common reason is that it is a better tool than others to develop projects. If you want to know why Ruby on Rails is so popular over other programming languages, then keep reading!

Before going directly to the reasons for its popularity, let’s have a look at a comparison with other languages.

Ruby on Rails Vs PHP

  • PHP code runs faster than RoR code. A Ruby on Rails program, on the other hand, has fewer lines of code than a PHP application.
  • Ruby on Rails applications requires a UNIX-based server, although PHP applications are supported by the vast majority of Web hosting providers.
  • It is very easy to test the code of a Ruby on Rails application. Testing modules and writing in PHP can be challenging.
  • The RoR code has a more logical coding structure than PHP, which facilitates collaboration.
  • PHP is supported by a wide number of frameworks, including Zend, Codeigniter, and CakePHP. Similarly, there are many frameworks including Vintage, Sinatra, and Rails that support Ruby.
  • PHP consumes less memory than Ruby. As a result, PHP applications are generally speedier than Ruby on Rails apps.

Ruby on Rails vs Perl

  • Perl is more object-oriented than Ruby.
  • Perl supports more Unicode features, complete case mapping, and Grapheme. Ruby is less accommodating, and its string encoding is more explicit.
  • Ruby has a larger set of third-party libraries than Perl.
  • Perl allows for numerous variable types, but Ruby only allows for one variable-type reference to an object.
  • The comparison is between Ruby and other programming languages such as Perl, Python, and Java because Ruby is the programming language used to write Rails.
  • Perl provides automatic data type conversion, whereas Ruby needs the programmer to explicitly convert types during execution time.

Ruby on Rails Vs Java

  • Java and Ruby both adhere to object-oriented paradigms.
  • The main advantage of Ruby over Java is that you can complete tasks with fewer lines of code. This aids in bug fixing and accelerates development.
  • Ruby code is interpretable and does not require compilation. However, Java code must be built before it can be interpreted.
  • Ruby provides flexibility and readability, whereas Java provides superior application performance.
  • In terms of coding, Java adheres to a rigorous C syntax, whereas Ruby allows the programmer to remove a few codes.
  • Java code execution is faster than Ruby code execution. The reason behind this is that the Java code is transformed into machine language, and the Java Virtual Machine executes the code more quickly.
  • Because Java is a well-known programming language, it has huge community support. Ruby is a relatively young technology, and the availability of appropriate support for an open-source technology takes time because it does not have huge community support.
  • Ruby does not have type declarations, and variables can be given names as needed. Every member variable in Java belongs to a class. As a result, before utilizing a variable in code, a programmer must specify its type and name.
  • Java and Ruby can be used in tandem and complement one another. JRuby is a Ruby programming language implementation that runs on the Java Virtual Machine.


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Now, let’s discuss the reasons why Ruby on Rails is so popular over other programming languages. 

Why Ruby on Rails Is So Popular 

  • Open Source Framework

The framework is open-source, which implies that the code is freely available to the public and everyone can see the code. As a result, developers can customize the platform to meet their specific needs and create the finest website possible. Developers can customize the platform and make the finest website. This is what allows the website to function as intended for the businesses. Only frameworks like RoR are desired by web development services.

Moreover, the framework enables developers to customize the website and eliminate issues/bugs at any time. All of this may be done without paying or incurring any additional fees. All of this improves the usability and functionality of the generated website or web application.

  • Cost-effective

This is one of the best frameworks that small businesses and enterprises can use to develop modern apps. The language enables developers to design international-standard websites. This framework can be used by SMEs to develop websites with a sophisticated interface and experience. This is an open-source framework that is simple to implement for new businesses and start-ups. There are numerous programs that are simple to use and offer developers numerous appealing features.

  • High Scalability

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework that allows developers to expand the scope of their websites. Small businesses can reach out to more people if they have a scalable website. The tools used to create the website also enable developers to add and remove features and web pages. It is very simple to update the sites with new features and plug-ins on a regular basis. This is a solid platform with adaptable modules and a well-defined framework. Because of the framework, developers can easily modify the already-developed program

  • Clean Code

Because the code is clean, it is quite simple to grasp. This is critical since it becomes extremely difficult to understand and maintain a complex code. A Ruby on Rails development business knows the importance of clean code in improving a website’s SEO. Ease of coding is vital not just for saving time and effort but also for improving SEO and understanding and configuring the website later on.

  • Ease of Documentation

The documentation is widely available. There are numerous tutorials available to assist folks who are just starting out in developing their first website. These instructions can assist anyone in creating a basic website that they can utilize for their business. They may need to conduct extensive research in order to understand the more complicated principles that will make the website more engaging. 

Because of these factors, it is quite simple to customize programs. The developers can view the code at any time and modify or remove the bits they want. This ensures that the website runs as smoothly as possible.


There are many reasons why Ruby on Rails is so popular still in 2022. You can see the comparison of RoR with other languages in the upper section. It clearly shows that RoR is a very reliable framework for developing exceptional applications. The code is very clean in RoR and easy to understand. We can easily make documentation of the code to assist others. I hope this article will help you to understand the reasons for the popularity of RoR. 

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