As students, it is important to score well in classes 11 and 12. The moment the student enters class 11, they realize the importance of scoring well. Scoring well in classes 11 and 12 will act as a pillar to get into a good college and further to get a good job. Also, focusing on classes 11 and 12 will help in improving your basics which will help you to better crack the competitive exams. So students are advised to refer to the NCERT solutions for class 11 and 12 to prepare well for their board and competitive exams. 

NCERT solutions are Necessary for Classes 11th & 12th

Make sure to seek help from the best educational online platform which provides reliable and accurate solutions. The unsolved questions will give you an immense scope for practice but the solutions will help in saving your time. Sticking to the tough question will waste your time, so these NCERT solutions will help you to get better at understanding. Know that NCERT covers all the subjects which are included in the CBSE syllabus.

Following are some of the points highlighting why NCERT solutions are necessary for classes 11 and 12:

Also, in NCERT books, you will see sample papers in the end including long and short type question papers, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and conceptual questions. These are designed in such a manner that helps in practising and revising all the topics in the syllabus. This will help the student topic wise and chapter wise and help in building conceptual knowledge. 

Strengthen the basics-

It is important to focus on building the basics of the field you have chosen. Also, know that these basics will help your a lifetime so it is important to have a better hold onto the basics. The solutions will help you to easily understand the pattern of the syllabus. Not only this but the basics of classes 11 and 12 will help you to crack the competitive exams as well. The solution will help you with a better understanding which will help you to learn better.

Develops the ability to easily learn-

With the help of NCERT class 11 solutions, you will be able to easily learn the concept. The solutions are solved in a comprehensive way which helps in the easy grasp of the topic. The step by step method of solving the questions helps in increasing the ability to easily learn the topic. 

Helps in the preparation of competitive exams-

Not only for classes 11 and 12, but the NCERT solutions will help you with the preparation of competitive exams as well. The NCERT solutions come out in handy for the subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. The practical solutions bring in a clear understanding of the topic which will always help you with the preparation for the competitive exams. This will be helpful for the undergraduate and postgraduate level competitive exams like IIT, JEE, BITSAT, NEET, CAT, NTSE, GRE, KVPY, NSO and much more. 

Helps in achieving positive results-

Know that the solutions provided on the educational online institutions are made with proper illustrations and examples. As they will be able to thoroughly go through the solutions, it will help them to get good results in the end. Also, the practice and revision will bring the concepts more clear and understandable. So the NCERT solutions will help in giving you the desired results. You can directly help yourself with these solutions.

Promotes self-study-

The best way to study is to study on your own. This helps in better understanding of the concepts and also helps in retaining them better. Self-study will help you to learn properly which will be beneficial to you in the long run. Self-study has helped many students to score well and do their best in life. 

Easy to understand format-

The students will get in-depth insights about each topic. The diagrams and illustrations will easily get on your mind with the help of these solutions. So while doing the exam, it will be pretty much easy for you to do it. You will get to understand the format of solving the question which will go long way.


So above are the points highlighting why NCERT solutions are helpful for classes 11 and 12. If you are looking for the right online platform for solutions, you can contact Infinity Learn. They will provide you with the NCERT solutions for classes 11 and 12. You can download their doubt app and get the solutions in PDF format. You can download this app for free and have access to the solutions anytime anywhere.

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