A sectional can seem like a big, bulky piece of furniture, but today’s sectionals are modular in nature. This means that the couch as a whole is made up of separate pieces. Modular sectionals allow you more flexibility in your living room or family room design, but that isn’t the only reason to use them. Sectionals are perfect for the growing family for more reasons than one. Take a look at these reasons to get a sectional if you’re still not convinced.

Extra seating

No, your four-person family is not likely to take up an entire sectional. But what about when you have company? Or when the kids are having a sleepover or a binged all-night movie marathon? Planning ahead to have additional seats is better than needing the kids to sit on the floor where they might be in the way. The sectional will also take up less space than a couch with a love seat and/or multiple accent chairs.

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Hidden storage

Interior storage is a common theme these days, and for a good reason. Being able to use furniture for more than one purpose helps keep the living space open and airy rather than cluttered with furniture and accessories like magazine racks and extra side tables.

Ottomans, benches, and yes, even sectionals often come with interior storage to keep clutter to a minimum while also keeping items close at hand. Sectionals have all kinds of opportunities for storage and entertainment organization, with some even offering charging stations for your devices as you watch television.

Focus around the entertainment center

A large sofa, loveseat, and accent chair are going to draw the attention of your visitors as soon as they walk into the room. These furniture pieces, especially when grouped closely together, dominate the space however unintentionally. Instead, consider a sectional couch on sale for sitting around the television for family movie night. The sectional, although larger, isn’t as distracting and keeps the room easy to clean.

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Don’t forget to add some surfaces around your sectional

Perhaps the most difficult part of designing a living room or family room with a sectional is figuring out where to include surfaces. You know you will want to have a place to set your beverages, snacks, remotes, and reading materials, but the sectional isn’t really designed for accent tables.

A cocktail table centered within the L space the sectional creates is a great idea, but if you have toddlers they can pose an additional danger. Alternatively, you can choose a storage ottoman with a flat top that can act as a coffee table, a seat, and as a way to house board games and other entertainment, you might want or need. Ottomans have softer edges and corners so they are less likely to do damage to careening toddlers.

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A console table placed behind the sectional does give you a way to set down items without really taking up additional space. It can be inconvenient to reach behind like that, so you might consider adding a small side table on either side of the sectional. Just make sure that the tables have some heft so that they don’t knock over accidentally and stay upright next to the arm of the sectional sofa.


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