Ukraine is known for many things: a rich cultural heritage and many traditions, beautiful nature, and, above all, its beautiful women. Foreign men on dating sites have an incredible affinity for these beauties. They regularly travel to Ukraine in the hope of finding a beautiful woman there who is willing to marry. These women attach great importance to supporting their children and husbands morally and materially. Their support makes them perfect wives.

But why are so many of these nearly perfect women looking for foreign husbands? What are the reasons that make them want to leave their country in search of a better future?

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Reasons Why Ukrainian Women Look for Partners Abroad

There are multiple reasons why Ukrainian mail order brides strive to find foreign partners. Some of them are rather complex and grave. Here are a few main problems that make these beautiful women look for potential husbands outside Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine War

Recently, this is probably the main and most serious reason why Ukrainian women seek to marry foreign husbands and move abroad. The Russian invasion caused many problems, including political and economical ones. Many cities in the country are simply not safe to live in. This is why many beautiful Ukrainian women want to find a way to look for a better future elsewhere.

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Positive Image of Foreign Men

Ukrainian women hear many good stories about foreign men. In their eyes, Western men are generally more reliable, more caring, and support their wives and family. Most ladies in Ukraine are looking for serious, stable relationships and can’t always find them in their country.

One of the reasons for this is that, in general, men in Ukraine are less educated than women. This means that they struggle to find well-paid jobs and as a result, find it difficult to support their family financially.

Problematic Marriages

Sometimes when a woman finds a man, he turns out not to be the right person to form a loving relationship and a family with. The problems that can arise are several: one, men can be irresponsible and forget about their partner and family. Two, the economic situation is not good and that keeps men from offering proper support to their spouses. Three, some men abuse alcohol and that leads to desperate situations. And four, women have to work hard if they want to earn enough money. Sometimes they have multiple jobs.

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On top of that, they have to do all the chores around the house as the man withdraws from his duties. All these circumstances cause the divorce rate in Ukraine to be very high.

Divorce Rate

Ukraine is among the top 3 countries with the highest divorce rates. It might have decreased slightly in recent years but is still very high. According to statistics, the current divorce rate is 42%. This means that nearly half of all marriages end in a breakup.

This is largely due to the fact that Ukrainians tend to get married rather early. Early marriages often lead to all kinds of disappointments and end in divorces.

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Women to Men Ratio

Another problem is Ukraine’s male-to-female population ratio. The gap between the number of men and women in the country used to be much bigger a few years ago. However, it’s still significant. Roughly speaking, there are over 3 million more women than men. To be more specific, there are 86 males for every 100 females.

This difference might not seem significant. However, you might want to take into consideration that many men are not capable of forming a loving relationship or a family. In this light, the difference seems much larger and more serious.

This sometimes makes it quite difficult for Ukrainian women to find suitable partners. As a result, they are looking for them in other countries.

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Are Ukrainian Brides Honest?

Yes, the majority of them are. As you can see, the reasons they look for foreign husbands are serious enough. They don’t play games when their future is at stake.

That being said, this also depends on the dating platform where you meet someone. Some of these are clearly fraudulent and will only rip you off. Fortunately, there are many reputable services where you can safely get to know the woman of your choice.

On these websites, the women’s profiles are carefully checked to ensure they are real. They are extremely stringent when it comes to online scammers. Once a shady profile gets reported, customer support acts quickly, checks the profile activity, and blocks it if it violates the platform rules.

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Advantages of Having a Ukrainian Wife

No one’s perfect and every woman has her positive traits and quirks that drive men crazy. However, when it comes to positives, there’s a lot to say about Ukrainian women.

  • They do everything to build a strong family bond
  • They are great housewives and mothers
  • They are great at cooking
  • They are undemanding and easily impressed
  • They will introduce you to their culture, which is fascinating
  • They’ll always support you and will stand by your side no matter how hard it may get;
  • They are ready to relocate

At the same time, there are certain downsides you might want to be aware of. Here are a few main ones to consider:

  • They are easily offended. Avoid all activities and discussions that can upset her
  • You’ll be responsible for all expenses during a date
  • They don’t like it when relationships move too fast. Take it easy and make sure you behave like a gentleman
  • The language barrier and cultural differences might be a major challenge and lead to many misunderstandings
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In Conclusion

Now you know all the main reasons why Ukrainian women are looking for foreign partners. A husband abroad is a great option for them as they can have a better life and greater opportunities. They can also have a better future they can share with a loving man, with whom they can build a serious, warm relationship and start a family.


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