Braces are a great option for straightening your teeth, but they’re not exactly the most stylish thing in the world. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make braces look more appealing, even if they don’t make you smile any bigger or your jaw hurt any less (though those things may be true as well). One quick way to update your braces is with colored rubber bands on your braces. Rubber bands come in all sorts of colors and can definitely brighten up your smile! But which color should you choose? Read on to find out more about dark purple braces.

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Why get your teeth straightened

During your visit, a dental professional will likely note that crooked teeth can be harmful to your overall health and appearance. Crooked teeth are prone to permanent stains and they take a toll on your self-confidence when you smile or speak in public. Fortunately, an orthodontist can help you straighten them with convenient treatment options. Whether you’re considering clear braces or metal ones, dark purple braces are definitely worth considering! That’s why we thought it would be helpful to conduct a survey so we could share some real opinions about different color choices. Some of our findings surprised us…and perhaps even you!

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What are the benefits of straight teeth

There are several benefits to straight teeth, from improving your overall appearance to enhancing your oral health. When your teeth are straight, it’s easier to eat and drink. You can keep bad breath away by preventing food and bacteria from lingering on and around your teeth. Straight teeth also help you speak more clearly, which makes it easier to be understood by others in every situation—whether you’re at work or on a date. Straight teeth provide better protection against cavities, gum disease, and other oral problems that could lead to pain and infection. Finally, dental insurance may even cover some orthodontic procedures. Talk with your insurance provider about what’s covered; it may surprise you!

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The options to straighten your teeth

For most people, wearing clear or dark purple braces will be effective. However, if you have extensive crowding in your mouth or wear metal retainers to hold your teeth in place while they’re growing, white metal brackets might be better than other alternatives. (Be aware that white metal can stain easily and won’t last as long as orthodontic plastic.) Talk to your orthodontist about which option would work best for you before making a decision on your braces color.

The downside of getting braces as an adult

You may find that you hate your color choice. Adult braces come in so many shades, it’s sometimes hard to pick which ones will look best on you. Since all teeth are unique, there is no perfect answer—but we can help narrow down your choices. We asked two dentists to recommend their favorite hues and also provide tips on how to choose between them. You know what’s even better than a great shade of purple for your dental retainer?

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Dark Purple Braces Look Good On Everyone

Purple is one of those colors that work in all situations, whether you are wearing an elegant black dress or a bright yellow tank top. The color purple works because it has a great balance between being bold and being subtle. So if you want to get purple colored braces then you can rest assured that they will look amazing on everyone! They might not look as good with some outfits but don’t let that stop you from getting them, because at least 80% of outfits will be perfect with purple colored braces. The easiest way to find out if purple is right for your teeth is to go see your dentist and ask them which color would match well with your teeth. If they say any other color besides white or light yellow then just go with it!

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