Anyone who even once noticed red blisters on their skin that appeared as a result of the nocturnal activity of bed bugs even once in the morning can only wonder where bed bugs come from. It would seem that the dwelling is well-groomed and located in a prosperous area, and there are no pets, but insects still appear that turn a dream into a nightmare. 

Bed bugs are quite a nightmare and can expose you to different illnesses. The good thing is you can easily control them. Framingham bed bug control is one of the best pest extermination services to hire for this service. You can also use traditional methods to eliminate them. Let’s briefly consider where bed bugs come from in an apartment and what common misconceptions about infecting rooms with them exist.

Various penetration routes

Adjacent premises bear the primary risks of infection. This is especially true for old houses, as well as in disadvantaged areas. The owners of such dwellings do not even have to guess where the bugs come from in the apartment. Bed bugs do not differ in particular mobility and speed of movement. 

“Gifts” from neighbors

Among the possibilities for infestation of premises with bed bugs, the most common is the transfer from neighbouring premises. The reason is that it is impossible to completely isolate an apartment from them: they penetrate through doors, sockets, ventilation, etc.

To ask later the question of where bedbugs come from on the sofa, you need to remember that insects move one by one. Therefore, if you regularly carry out wet cleaning and the apartment is not cluttered with furniture, it is quite easy to see the “pioneers.”

Where to look and how to prevent the appearance of bed bugs?

Unfortunately, if you decide to figure out where bed bugs come from, you need to consider the cleanliness and well-being of the apartments last.

As already noted, the main “gates” in your apartment for bedbugs are sockets, various communications, ventilation ducts, etc., and bags and backpacks, clothes, and purchased used furniture act as sources. After entering the dwelling, the bugs begin to hide in the rooms where people sleep (in furniture, mattresses, behind baseboards and crevices, under carpets, in wardrobes, under beds, etc.).

Summing up where bedbugs come from and how to deal with them, it is necessary to emphasize the following:

  • After travelling, especially long trips and spending the night in suspicious places in terms of hygiene, pack things hermetically in bags and dry-clean them. A similar procedure should be applied to bags and backpacks;
  • You can buy a dryer for things, and after returning from suspicious hotels and premises, you can process all things in them at a temperature above +50 0 С;
  • Perform additional insulation of all communications by sealing cracks and holes;
  • Install mosquito nets on windows in summer;
  • Bundles of lavender, tansy, or wormwood should be laid out in the ventilation ducts, and do not forget to change them about once every two to three weeks. A good effect will be the treatment of ventilation ducts with naphthalene or vinegar, but your neighbours may protest against such a procedure.
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