Most of the kids who have been using social media platforms since 2010 would have spent half of their life on facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms to connect with people all around the world. From posting photos to connecting with your old friends and chatting with them, Facebook stands out of the box. It holds that much fun and entertainment not only has a positive side it also has its own negative side. Positive or negative, it all lies in the hands of that individual who is using it. 

Times you may receive code are as follows:
  1. When you reset the password of your facebook account, you would get a verification code to your existing number or the email address that you have linked to. 
  2. If you are creating a Facebook account for the first time, then you will get a facebook confirmation code.
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Resetting password:

So when you forgot your password, you will reset your account; so the code will be sent to your existing email account or the phone number that you have been linked to. 

When facebook password reset codeis sent to your email or SMS, copy the code and paste it in the required box on Facebook. 

At the time of creating the account:

When you are about to create your Facebook account, after giving the information in the required field; click on the create account. Now an SMS will be sent to the number given by you and the email address given by you. That SMS will contain the facebook verification code. Copy that code and paste it into facebook’s required box. 

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