In the year 2021 Festoon party lights had a big comeback, and its popularity shows no indication of a decline. We love them absolutely, and why are they here? In this era of Fusion Lighting, festoon lights have come like a revolution.

Festoon lights are the iconic, large bulb garland lights seen in 1950s American films hanging at fairgrounds. They’re the large glass globes that are so trendy right now, usually in warm whites or multicoloured. Outdoor festoon lighting, which was previously only widely accessible in the United States, has exploded in popularity in the UK in recent years, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time. 

What’s so popular about these festoon lights?

Do we need to explain why festoon lights are so popular and will never go out of style? We may discuss how beautiful festoon lights are all day long to do it even though it feels like it.

  • Add instant ambience to any indoor or outdoor environment with festoon lights. The elegance lies in their simplicity; golf ball-sized light bulbs strung together on a long thread have a timeless appeal. Hang festoon lights down a wall within your home for a fashionable interior design, or string them up in your garden or courtyard for an attractive location for al fresco eating and home gathering.
  • Suitable for every occasion– Whether you’re celebrating or simply looking for a way to brighten up a rainy day, we have the perfect selection of festoon party lights to choose from. We have lights for every occasion at Sparkling Lights. Are you planning a wedding? Then our warm white festoon lights look stunning draped between trees, through beams in a barn, or a marquee. If you’re looking for something a little more festive, our multicoloured festoon lights with yellow, red, blue, and green bulbs are perfect.
  • Festoon lights are low-voltage 12V, making them extremely safe. A car battery can power them because they are just 12V, which is ideal for a parade float. These lights are made of rubber cable and are designed to survive all the British weather can throw at them, from torrential rain to strong winds. Because the bulbs are long-lasting LEDs, you won’t have to worry about them regularly “blowing up” and causing additional difficulty and expense.
  • Easy to set up – Our festoon party lights are really simple to set up and can be placed anywhere you like, inside or out, in your bedroom or the backyard. Each lamp has an integrated hook that can be hung from anything from a simple nail in the wall to gutter hooks on your fence or guttering. Each set includes a 5m cord from the outlet to the first bulb, but you can also use our low voltage extension cable with these lights.


Festoons aren’t only for the holidays; they’re for life! When garlands of bright lights are set up in your house, yard, or at any celebration, it instantly transforms the atmosphere. They’re a popular trend for indoor and outdoor gatherings because they provide both atmosphere and practical lighting options.

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