Just about all of us grew up knowing that smoking cigarettes is bad for our health. But many of us also grew up before smoking e cigarettes became a real option. With e cigarettes, we have to consider if we want to treat them the same way as cigarettes or look at them as something new. They work differently, have different mechanics to them, and are made with different ingredients than traditional cigarettes. If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we need to take a closer look at e cigarettes and see what it is that makes them any different from traditional cigarettes. We need to know what makes them any better than the cigarettes we grew up knowing are bad for us.

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image4636288 - What Makes E Cigarettes Any Better?

Nicotine Free Makes All The Difference

The first thing you need to look for is the nicotine free option. That’s right, e cigarettes do not need to be made with nicotine at all. Some brands like Cyclone Pods create e cigarettes without nicotine, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes that gets people hooked on smoking. This makes a huge difference because, without nicotine, you are free to smoke e cigarettes as you please without being afraid that you are picking up any kind of addiction. A traditional cigarette is designed to always leave you wanting more even when you feel like you should stop. An e cigarette without nicotine does no such thing. The fear of addiction is gone.

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Can Be A Tool To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

E cigarettes are often used or recommended these days as a tool to help former cigarette smokers quit their old habit. Some e cigarettes are made with a bit of nicotine to help people curb their intake and dependency. There are even kits curated to slowly reduce nicotine consumption for those truly struggling. Those more ready, willing, and able to quit cold turkey can opt for the nicotine free option alone. It helps former smokers to maintain the similar feeling of smoking cigarettes without the same chemicals. The daily gesture of smoking becomes almost as important to some smokers as the nicotine itself, and nicotine free e cigarettes allow them to break away from that compulsion slowly over time.

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Vape On Your Own Terms

With e cigarettes, particularly the ones without nicotine, you are able to smoke on your own terms and yours alone. You will not have to struggle with quitting use because you have the option to avoid addiction altogether. You are able to enjoy the feeling of smoking or vaping whenever you want and then the freedom of putting that e cigarette right back down. You can pick up a mango flavored e cigarette today and not have to worry that it will control your life tomorrow.

So there you have it. While cigarettes and e cigarettes involve the same basic hand gesture of bringing them up to the mouth to breathe through and exhale, they are two very different things. Especially if you are smoking with an e cigarette without nicotine, you will find a very different experience that will also affect your body differently. Smoking using an e cigarette without nicotine will give you much more control over when and how much you smoke and will put less harmful ingredients into your body in the process. It can be more of a hobby than a habit and can keep you from falling down the hole of smoking traditional cigarettes and feeling stuck there. If you are thinking about trying out an e cigarette without nicotine for yourself, there are some great options available at Cyclone Pods. You can start and stop vaping whenever you decide.

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