Without deodorant, your personal hygiene regime isn’t complete. It provides you with a fresh feeling throughout the whole day and it can freshen up those hot summer days. But which one is actually the right one for your body? The deodorant your friend uses must not work for you as well. Your choice will also be determined by your lifestyle. If you’re a very active person you may want to learn more about the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating.

Deodorants are supposed to keep body odours at bay and make you feel fresh all day. You can apply deodorant as often as you desire throughout the day, but they’re only effective for 24 hours at best. Especially on hot summer days, a deodorant can provide you with that bit of freshness you may yearn for. While they do keep body odours in check, they don’t necessarily tackle sweating itself.

This is how deodorant works: Your armpit provides bacteria that naturally live on your skin with a perfect home. Now, while sweat naturally doesn’t smell itself, an odour forms as the sweat reacts with those bacteria. A deodorant contains a compound to fight those bacteria, aka it’s got antibacterial properties. Its fragrances, in turn, serve to mask any odours. The ingredient to make you feel refreshed usually is alcohol as it’s cool once it touches your skin. However, alcohol can cause skin irritations but fortunately, there are alcohol-free formulas around these days.

What Deodorants Don’t Do For You?

In general, deodorants are a must-have for everybody’s care regimen. There are tonnes of fragrances to choose from and among all those many there’s one that appeals to you. So far, so good. But the sweat stains remain which can be an issue for you. 

The Relaxed Lifestyle

If you’re living a rather relaxed lifestyle, deodorants will most likely fulfil all your needs. As you’re not incredibly active, you’re not sweating as much. But even if you’re living a rather chilled life, you may still sweat a lot. People who are overweight, have diabetes, hyperthyroidism, are on medication or have hyperhidrosis may still find themselves sweating a lot. 

A simple deodorant may not suffice in that case. It will probably mask some odours, but you’ll still end up with massive sweat stains. These can be quite embarrassing. To also avoid sweat stains and effectively fight unwelcome body odours, you’re better advised with the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating. 

The Active Lifestyle

If you’re living a very active lifestyle where you do lots of physical activity, an antiperspirant might be the better choice for you. As previously mentioned, deodorants mask the odours of your sweat, but they tend to fail the more you sweat. Then you basically end up using more and more deodorant without any real effect. 

Even if you’re at the gym and working out, you’d probably still not want your clothing to be drenched in sweat stains either. And afterwards, you’d have to carry those smelly clothes around with you, too. Maybe you don’t have time to have a shower after your workout at the gym. And then… well, you’d have to go to work or to a social event sweaty and smelly. With the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating, you can avoid all of these negative effects. It’s also perfect for hikers and mountain bikers. 

It Depends on the Clothes You Wear

Even if you may not suffer from a condition like hyperhidrosis, certain fabrics tend to trap sweat and odours more than others. Natural fibres like cotton or linen are very breathable so that they neither trap your sweat nor any possible odours. Synthetic fibres do trap fibres and odours, though. 

Those odours actually smell even worse on synthetic fibres as they just absorb all your sweat like a sponge which then also reacts with the fibres themselves. Thus, they’re hard to get rid of in the wash. Furthermore, you will remain clammy under your armpits. The best antiperspirant for excessive sweating can keep those problems at bay as well. You stay dry, your clothes stay dry and there are not one bit of funny-smelling odours.

What Does the Best Antiperspirant for Excessive Sweating Do for You?

Antiperspirants mainly are supposed to prevent you from sweating for a certain time window. This time frame usually extends across 48 hours and when there’s no sweat coming out of your body, it can’t react with your naturally occurring body bacteria, right?

That’s usually not quite enough for most people as they miss fragrances to keep feeling fresh throughout the day. As such, most antiperspirants also contain some fragrances these days, but they aren’t added to mask any odours. It’s just for your personal comfort. The best antiperspirant for excessive sweating, however, also tackles the bacteria living on your skin. Thus, it provides you with the best of three worlds at the same time. 

There are over-the-counter antiperspirants, but they may not be effective enough for you if you sweat a lot, which is the case if you’ve got hyperhidrosis. Clinical strength antiperspirants contain an even more effective compound. You can get those with a prescription, but clinical strength antiperspirants are also slowly readily available without prescriptions.

This is how the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating works: Antiperspirants are made up of a compound containing aluminium salts. As the antiperspirant is on your skin it reacts with your sweat to form a gel. This gel, in turn, temporarily blocks your sweat glands from producing sweat. And thus, you don’t sweat and will remain dry at all times. At best, you apply the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating before you go to bed. 

Parting Words

You usually sweat less during your sleep and these hours give the antiperspirant some time to work properly. Also, make sure to apply it on dry skin only. It won’t work properly on wet skin like immediately after a shower or when you’re sweating already. Contrary to a deodorant you only have to apply it once every two days.

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