The mobile sector of the economy has changed over the last ten years. The use of mobile applications is increasing daily, and it is anticipated that 352.9 billion apps will be downloaded by 2022. As the use of mobile apps multiplies, we can witness the intense competition. Most mobile app development companies create applications with the possibility of being loved by users. However, are all mobile applications equally successful?


If you want users to discover and utilize your app, you must develop a popular app with a user-friendly user interface that meets the current digitization standard. To achieve this, your mobile apps development service provider must be an expert in the technologies that can assist in the creation of robust and usable software. App developers may produce unique apps that might bring in a lot of money if they have the correct expertise in mobile app development technologies.

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So, in this post, we will look at some of the finest mobile app development technologies that can be utilized for building a robust mobile app.


Best Mobile Application Development Technologies


  1. React Native: Your programmers can’t code without worrying about maintaining native Android or iOS apps with the aid of the well-known cross-platform app framework React Native.

Facebook and Instagram developed the concept underlying React Native, but it is currently being used to produce apps for platforms including Windows and macOS. It allows much flexibility in how your app will seem and work, depending on the device or browser you use to check.

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React Native makes it attainable to develop for a variety of devices simultaneously. Furthermore, it enables scaling without the need for codebase rewrites. This is because of its rebuild architecture, which works best for web developers who are used to building single-page applications.


2. Flutter: The name of Google’s mobile UI framework is Flutter. If you like React Native, you might also like Flutter. Its objective is to make it possible for developers to create apps for the iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase.

As a result, the practice of writing and testing everywhere will be replaced by writing once and releasing to both platforms with comparable simplicity. You might be acquainted with it based on Dart because Google created it to replace JavaScript, although other companies haven’t yet fully adopted it.

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Flutter is a hot new player in cross-platform mobile development with incredible features. Flutter uses Google’s own Dart programming language, making it easy to learn and effective.


At Google I/O 2018, Google presented two new experimental Flutter features: Stateful Hot Reload and Permissions for iOS and Android. Additionally, Flutter is built on top of Skia, an established rendering engine that powers various Adobe products.


In conclusion, Flutter should be on your radar if your mobile application looks fabulous, performs well, and works seamlessly across different platforms.


3. Ionic: Ionic is a framework for building high-performance apps. It has every feature you could need or want, including variables, functions, and even an integrated language processor.

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It is easy to use because it is template-based, and all operations are contained within a single file. Since external libraries are already included by default, development can proceed more quickly, which minimizes upcoming maintenance costs.


Since it combines Angular with Apache Cordova (PhoneGap), Ionic is frequently used in developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications. This helps programmers create Android and iOS applications that function seamlessly together.


One of Ionic’s primary benefits for mobile apps development service providers is the capability to employ a variety of UI components in the framework of an app, such as filtering, action sheets, inputs, views, and easy navigation.

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4. Python: Python is a broadly accepted fast, easy-to-use, deploy programming language. Python assists in developing scalable applications.


Famous apps like Pinterest, Youtube, SurveyMonkey, and Instagram are all developed in Python. Python offers exceptional library support and has a massive developer community. This programming language has strong integration and offers enhanced control capabilities.


1. NativeScript: One of the most well-known open source frameworks for building Apple iOS and Android apps today is NativeScript, which was first developed by Progress (Telerik by Progress). Developers can construct mobile apps using JavaScript or any other language that trans-compiles to JavaScript (e.g., TypeScript). NativeScript’s interaction with Angular, Vue.js and native API reflection are a few of its standout features. The framework also enables developers to include third-party libraries from Maven, npm.js, and CocoaPods in their apps without requiring wrappers.

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2. Felgo: Felgo, formerly known as V-Play Engine, is a well-known cross-platform mobile applications development framework used to develop mobile games and apps. Felgo uses Qt as the primary framework, which eases developing apps and games. You can develop flexible and advanced apps assembled natively from just one codebase for iOS, Android, Web, Desktop, and Embedded platforms with Felgo.



Mobile apps are the most convenient contact between customers and businesses these days. However, the available options are too many when we try to find the best technology to develop exemplary mobile apps. The best way is to make a ground plan and seek help from a custom software development company.

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