Online bingo is in a healthy place. Money talks and everything walks. Financially, online bingo sites are enjoying an economic boom as more and more people sign up to play – check out Lucky Stars Bingo.

With an increased number of sites available to choose from, each one has to evolve in a way that incentivises customers to sign up to them. Without an effort to either keep their customers, or attract new ones, sites will struggle financially.

These incentives can be found in the shape of welcome promotions, where newbies may be awarded a certain number of free spins, or loyalty bonuses where the site will match any cash deposit you make, essentially rewarding you with free money.

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What’s more, another feature that is becoming more prevalent on sites are “newbie rooms”.

What are newbie rooms?

When you first get into playing bingo online, all the information can be quite overwhelming. First of all, there are hundreds of sites to choose from and so the homework you have to do in order to choose the right one for you can be extensive.

Even when you’ve finished choosing and you’ve signed up to a site, there are many different types of bingo variants you’ll have to familiarise yourself with before you play. And that’s all before learning the bingo lingo, which can seem like a new language at times.

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Worry not though. If you do feel overwhelmed, you’re definitely not alone. Other people are in exactly the same position as you, which is why many online bingo sites now offer these newbie rooms. It’s for newcomers on a bingo site to dip their toes in the water and learn the ropes, all without feeling confused about spending their money.

Importantly, you usually don’t have to make a cash deposit to access a newbie room, although this does depend on the online bingo site.

Why are newbie rooms a good idea?

Newbie rooms are a great idea and are unanimously welcomed enthusiastically by people who have recently signed up on a site. They often offer the players tasters of free bingo sessions for a period of up to five days, so that they can see if they’re happy with the site they’ve signed up to.

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Although players will need to deposit cash into their e-wallets to continue to play, it’s still a good way of introducing people to the wonderful world of online bingo.

Are there any drawbacks to newbie rooms?

As many of the games are offered for free, without having first deposited cash, prizes and jackpots are very limited. What’s more, any money you do win is usually credited as bonus money with wagering requirements rather than real cash.

Wagering requirements mean you would need to deposit a certain amount of money into your e-wallet in order to then withdraw any funds.

Making online bingo more accessible

Overall, newbie rooms on online bingo sites make the sites more accessible and welcoming for people still unsure of the game.

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You can get to know your fellow players, speak with the customer service team, and enquire about the specifics about the game you’re playing.

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