A tractor auger attachment is a spiral-shaped instrument used to drill holes in the ground and other surfaces or materials.

A “flighting” is a spiraling metal shaft with a blade at the end of the device. The flighting revolves around scraping, chopping, or siphoning off drilling materials.

There are several types of augers, just like many other specialty tools. Augers are available for various drilling applications, with each version tailored to specific materials, surfaces, or different needs.

What Are the Most Common Auger Dimensions?

Augers come in just about any size you can think of. We have it all, from small handheld units to those that must be trailed behind a tractor.

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Auger drill bit sizes are typically available in the following diameters:


  • 4 inches
  • 6 inches
  • 8 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 18 inches

An auger’s available depths are usually 3 to 4 feet, but some augers allow you to drill with higher width and depth.

A one-person auger should not be used for holes larger than 8 inches in diameter. Two-person augers are capable of digging holes up to 18 inches in diameter.

A crane-attached or tow-behind type is required for any job that involves more extensive and profound holes than those described above.

Some of the most frequent tractor auger attachments you will hear about are:

Auger for ice:

Ice augers are used for several things, including boring holes in ice and crushing ice. This device’s blades are developed, honed, and fashioned to cut and smash ice. These are typically used to break the ice for food and drinks in commercial or industrial culinary equipment. Ice augers are used for ice fishing, although they can be utilized whenever a thick layer of ice needs to be drilled through.

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The blades on ice augers are substantially sharper than those on soil augers. The drill’s sharper edges penetrate the ice more easily without causing potentially dangerous fissures.

Auger, Earth:

Earth augers are made out of a revolving metal pipe or rod with one or more blades attached at the lower end for digging holes in the ground. As the name implies, an earth auger is used to cut or scrape through dirt and soil. Farmers and gardeners who are planting crops frequently utilize these augers.

Auger for Grain:

A grain tractor auger attachment job is to move vast amounts of grain. A grain auger is made out of a giant tube with a solid shaft with flighting whirling counterclockwise around it.

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The grain is then drawn up and forced into the shaft before being ejected out the other end. Grain is usually dumped into a bin or silo, or in some situations, directly onto a truck for transport.

Auger by hand:

Hand augers are commonly used to dig shallower holes. They’re widely utilized for jobs like:

  • Soil sample collection
  • Post-hole drilling
  • Environmental engineering
  • Mining
  • Drain unclogging
  • Locating underground elements that could suffocate drilling and harm powered tools

Auger for Gardening:

Garden augers resemble industrial augers, although they are often portable, lightweight, and less expensive. They are used to dig fence post holes, plant bulbs, and grass plugs, and do other gardening and landscaping tasks.

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A garden auger is faster than a shovel and provides better soil-to-root contact for plants.

Here are some of the tractor auger attachment types. Please get to know all of them and choose accordingly.


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