Student life is always full of struggle and there is nothing in the world which can be obtained without struggle. Students try their level best to achieve good marks in order to attain which they give their best and 100% to achieve their dreams but such hard work takes a toll on the mental health of the students. Most of the students are under pressure to achieve their goals. Students have their own tension to achieve good marks or good position in the class, along with that they have to bear the pressure of the expectations of their peers, tutors and parents. All these pressure points seem normal to the world but they are causing depression to the students. Though it seems a little awkward to anyone but yes students these days are getting under depression on a very regular basis. Every 4th student from a group of 4 students is suffering from depression.

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Almost every school management is worried about this alarming situation. Each and every school management is trying to opt for enterprise resource planning to eradicate such situations from schools. Enterprise resource planning is a system which helps school management to handle this kind of situation efficiently. Students with depression feel problems completing their academic tasks, they lack concentration and have a lot of psychological distractions. Students become unable to do even daily routine tasks and they keep being irritated, agitated, angry and lost in their own space in their mind. Sometimes they talk to themselves and faint anywhere and anytime. They remain no longer interested in their hobbies and sometimes laugh and cry unnecessarily. Such situations are a little dangerous. Sometimes students in such depression level harm themselves. Teachers are role model of students hence, lets understand how teachers can help students fight depression and save themselves:

  • Teachers are second guardians of the students with whom they spend a good amount of time throughout the whole day. Hence, teachers need to make students feel that they are there at the time of need to care for the students. Often students and kids need someone who can make sure they are protected and taken care of.
  • Teachers should avoid using any kind of negative technique which can hurt students mentally and physically. Usually, it is observed that when students raise any query which tutors cannot answer or they are unaware of then they start abusing and scolding the students. Sometimes students don’t understand the situation because there is nor reason and teachers scold them unnecessarily. So, tutors should never misbehave with students.
  • Teachers should keenly observe the student’s mind and observe what irritates them and what comforts them in the class. They should never be burdened with that curriculum which seems useless to the students. Faculty should never behave with students in such a way which can hurt their feelings. This can save them from getting under depression.
  • Students who feel that somehow they are affected by depression need to decide some goals in their life and start to work for them. They need to plan for their success which should contain all those supportive acts which can make sure that they should achieve their goals.
  • To save the student from getting crushed under the burden of depression students need to consult with a school counsellor or psychiatrist and should explain everything going on in their mind. In such situations where students feel themselves trapped in depression, stress and anxiety. They need to meditate in order to keep the mind and body calm and in peace. This calms a peace of mind makes students think about the situation and make situation normal
  • Depression makes students underestimate themselves because they think they are not capable of anything. This feeling of negativity makes them believe that they are powerless to accomplish their goals. Tutors have a lot of experience of bad to worst situations in their life. When such tutors use their experience to understand the situation then they come to understand that the student is suffering from some psychological issues. Then the tutor needs to use compassion, affection, love and understanding to make students comfortable.
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Keeping the above enumerated facts in concern students need to take assistance from their tutor in order to escape a situation of depression.

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