Glacier National Park- What drives the traveler? Everyone has their own answer to this question. Someone is looking for an unforgettable experience, someone is attracted by

What drives the traveler? Everyone has their own answer to this question. Someone is looking for an unforgettable experience, someone is attracted by new places, someone wants a thrill, and someone is attracted by the road. There are those who do not care where to go, just to be in places where you cannot think about everyday worries, surrendering to the contemplation of the beautiful. All you need to do is take an excursion tour .

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Glacier National Park in the US state of Montana turned out to be just such for us. This is one of the most remote parks in the United States, right on the border with Canada. But you can’t call it hard-to-reach, as well as a visit to Yosemite Park .

Visitors  Interest

It was revered by the Indians as a sacred land, and the current inhabitants and visitors often call it Little Switzerland or even the American Alps. In North America, this outdoor recreation is undoubtedly the best.

Here you are guaranteed a complete merger with nature. And she’s just fabulous. What mountain peaks! How fascinating are the waterfalls, on their territory there are about 200, and there are 130 lakes, if you don’t count the small ones!

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They say that the first people, and these were Indian tribes, came to these places about ten thousand years ago. And those that ended up in these lands at the beginning of the 18th century gave the name to one of the places in the park “The Ridge of the World”.

Once upon a time there were one and a half hundred glaciers. Of course, today there are much fewer of them – only about three dozen are left, they are melting. It is believed that soon they will not be left at all, so hurry up to see. It will take quite a few years for the appearance of the park to change beyond recognition. You can still have time to see this stunningly beautiful sight with your own eyes.

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Wild Animals Come Out to Meet Tourists

And not only him. It is not surprising that wild animals come out to meet tourists – wolves, moose, badgers, wolverines, bears, rams, … the list goes on. On a walk, you may even come across a snow goat – the official symbol of the park.

Not to mention countless plant species, over two hundred species of birds. All this natural wealth is interesting to every traveler. And what about the professionals! If you are a biologist or ecologist, or some other specialist in this field, here is an earthly paradise for you, where almost all wildlife has gathered.

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About tourist routes

Glacier National Park is a place where there are so many routes for tourists that, if you have enough time, the local territory can explore comprehensively. Moreover, this is not only about walking. You can traveling by car service, as well as in a small bus – they run every day, from 7 am to 7 pm, all air-conditioned, and wide windows provide a better view of the views and attractions.

For example, one of the most popular routes of poses called “The Road to the Sun”. A real two-hour bus adventure from the lower territories to the Continental Pass, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. You will drive past coniferous forests, flower meadows, snowy mountain peaks and glacial lakes.

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Do you want to admire the park from the air? Such an opportunity will certainly be provided to you. And you, while on board an airplane or helicopter, can enjoy the vivid expressive beauty of the Glacier nature.

And in order for the Glacier National Park to reveal the stunning beauty of its glaciers to the maximum, you should go along the water route on a motor ship.

Yet the hiking trails offer some of the most scenic views. They have been laid here for a total of almost a thousand kilometers.

Where can you stay?

The park has a variety of tourist camps and comfortable hotels. They are always open to you. Here you will find everything to make you comfortable to relax. There is where to live, where to eat, where to relax, where to buy souvenirs as a keepsake.

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When is the best time to come here?

Tourist in this park in Montana considered the period from late May to September. It was at this time that it was officially open for mass visits by tourists. So most visitors to Glacier National Park try to be here in the spring and summer, as well as if you want to visit Zion Park .

But you can come to these parts at any other time. The park is open. However, the service limited, all mountain roads may closed for the winter period. The main thing that inspire you is you can book this complete journey by car service to local airport and enjoy the attractions can be miss alone.

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About tariffs

How much is the entrance to the park?

car with passengers – $ 30 (November-April – 20);

on a motorcycle – 25 (in winter – 15);

cyclist or hiker – 15 (in winter – 10).

Such a ticket is valid for 7 days. Do you want an annual subscription? Pay $ 45. All state parks are available for 80 of you.

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