Casino Welcome Package: The 5 Facts a Pro Gambler Remembers

Welcome gifts for new casino enjoyers are an obligatory decorum part of every gambling hub. Still, those welcome packages vary. For instance, N1 Casino has a whole system for welcoming new players. There might be separate documents about how the bonus functions and how to use it. So, what essential points does a gambling pro pinpoint before registering and claiming? Here is the checklist for you!

1. Times and Dates Are Important

The first and the most crucial moment is to check if the bonus is valid. All offers are time-limited, and some might even have an unrealistically small expiration date. Tight deadlines to wager the bonus are the red flag in the casino world!

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Also, it would be best to focus on the deposit times since they might differ from casino to casino. For instance, the casino might ask you to deposit before the next day, and its time is all in UTC while you rely on another time count system. So, be attentive to those details if you do not want to burn your bonus (and money, of course).

2. There Are Wagering Requirements — Always

The second point that a gambler should always check is the wagering requirements for the bonus. The WR is the number of times you should stake the money before being able to withdraw it. If you want to know how troublesome it will be to cash out your winning, look through the wagering requirements. They might be x30, x50, and even higher.

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The best online casinos lower the number, giving better conditions for you as a player. Besides, there are some other things to check out concerning the WR. The first is if the bonus or deposit amount contributes to the WR (some casinos do not consider the deposit in this case). Secondly, what games are included in the WR calculation? It would be best to pick the casino where slots are 100% included since they usually have a higher RTP rate.

3. Bonus Money Is Different from Real Money

The next thing to know about casino bonuses is that you cannot withdraw bonus money immediately. The concept of bonus money differs from the real one since you get the former for playing and meeting WR, while the latter is what you deposit. The thing is that casinos set a limit on how much money you can convert from bonus to real. The average number lies within x5-x15. So, to cash out your money, you should check the conversion rate first.

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4. Know Your Limitations

The fourth point on the checklist is about limitations in general. It would be best to know not only the WR but also other limits a casino might set. The first thing here is deposit and withdrawal limits, which might be too high or too low for you. Secondly, it is essential to check out the maximum bet size since it can also be too high or too low.

5. You Might Not Get other Bonuses Before Using the Welcome Package

The last thing to check out is whether you can get other bonuses while using the welcome package or not. Some casinos do not allow their players to use other promos before they wager the welcome gift. Still, others might have more loyal conditions, and you might even be able to use a few bonuses at once. So, if you are looking for a gambling center with more loyal terms, you should check this point out in advance.

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Final Words

To summarize, those are the five most important things to remember about casino welcome packages. If you want to ensure you get the best conditions and use the bonus efficiently, do not forget about those points! Good luck in your games!

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