Buying insurance is as important as other necessities in your life. You need to adequately insure every valuable asset to have you covered in case of an inevitable financial loss in the future. A sizeable section of people still considers insurance a luxury because they’re unaware of the vital benefits insurance offers.

However, insurance is a greater need and should be highly encouraged. After all, accidents and mishaps are inevitable, and you would want to be financially equipped to bear the blow. Having insurance can’t prevent a mishap, but it does help mitigate the financial loss and get you back on track.

Here’s is a round-up of the top 10 insurance brokers online who make buying insurance a swift process for consumers. 

Top 10 Insurance Brokers Online in India

Before we compare insurance brokers, it is important not to get confused between an insurance broker and an insurance agent, as both have different roles to play. After analyzing your needs, an insurance broker will represent you (the customer) as their client to a plausible insurance company. However, an insurance agent is an insurance company employee, and they have the company as their client. 

So, when you are looking to buy a good and potent insurance plan for your vehicle, home, or health, scout through the market and compare the best insurance brokers online to get vivid results. Here is the list of some of the top-rated insurance companies by IRDA:


A subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services, Mahindra Insurance operates an online portal named Paybima – Insurance Broker. They offer their customers several term, health, life, and motor insurance plans at affordable terms and quick claim settlements. Paybima is the right place if you’re new to the world of insurance as their technical expertise helps you at every step.

Bharat Re-Insurance Brokers 

While comparing insurance brokers online, Bharat Re-Insurance is known for its claim management success rate. It offers the best insurance plans for business risk management needs.

A&M Insurance Brokers 

A & M Insurance Brokers is another Insurance Brokerage agency listed on the 13th Position on IRDA’s official website. They are worth considering for your business’s risk management and other insurance needs.

Unicorn Insurance Brokers 

The first Insurance licensee in North India, they are another reputed Insurance broker with an excellent name in settling risk management claims for Indian businesses. 

Arion Insurance Brokers 

With over 50 years of experience as an expert in Insurance Brokerage, Arion Insurance Brokers have offered many customers the best insurance coverage plans according to their needs. 

Excellent Insurance Broking Service 

They are another potential broker on the list who initially commenced as Expert healthcare Management Services in 1999 but were later licensed by IRDA as brokers. 

Global Insurance Brokers 

Over the past 40 years, they have acquired a name for themselves in offering premium insurance, Reinsurance & risk management from small to large scale enterprises. 

K.M Dasture Reinsurance Broker

They have established themselves as top insurance brokers with over a large team of experts catering to reinsurance and risk management needs. 

Tower Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers

They are an expert in providing optimal offers of Corporate and Individual Insurance along with an excellent claim settlement rate, risk management, direct broking, etc. 

Helios Insurance Broking Services

The first insurance brokerage company to be licensed by IRDA, Helio is a top expert company providing business risk management services. 

However, if you compare all the above insurance brokers online on parameters as claim assistance, expertise, convenience, and reliability, Paybima stands right at the top. Apply for insurance online with Paybima and get started on a path of credible financial freedom.

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