Do you have braces? Maybe you’re considering getting them, or you already got them and you want to know the best way to show them off. Everyone has their own opinion on what the best braces colors are, but knowing which ones work and which ones don’t can be confusing. To help, we’ve put together this list of the do’s and don’ts of braces colors. These tips will guide you through how to pick your perfect color combination so that everyone will know you’re rocking some sweet new braces!

What is your braces color?

If you’re going for a bright, expressive color, don’t be surprised if your orthodontist has some discouraging words. You could end up with some dark-colored stains on your teeth, says my dentist. The good news is that they can be removed. But why bother with such a bold color in the first place? It’s unlikely anyone but you will notice your braces—or even realize you have them until after they come off (even then, if you go for subtle colors). Braces colors are all about impressing yourself; other people don’t really care or notice as much as we think they do.

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Avoid making these mistakes

I will be talking about some common mistakes that people make while picking their braces colors. If you are getting orthodontic treatment, it is a good idea to pick braces colors wisely. Too many people want a color that pops right away but they don’t consider how their appearance will affect other people around them. It’s also a mistake to pick bright or flashy color with no regard for your skin tone or eye color. Since we live in such an image-conscious world, let’s take a look at what you should know when picking braces colors that go well with your skin tone, hair color and eye color.

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You might have already seen tons of tooth-colored braces pictures all over Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest recently, which makes choosing an invisible option much more popular than ever before. In fact: 5 million Americans have worn Invisalign and if you’re one of those who’ve decided to jump on board then there’s something you’ll need to understand about coloring. The most important thing to remember about invisible aligners is that they’re still clear – not solid white or anything like that – so your chosen shade has got to enhance rather than overpower your smile; another simple rule? They’ve got to complement rather than clash with any existing tattoos you might have. And here’s our five favorite tips on finding them!

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Don’t wear this if you have braces

White, Beige or any other very light color as they will be more noticeable against your teeth than darker colors. Instead, choose a soft pinkish tone that blends into your lips but brightens up your eyes. If you’re feeling daring, go for a cool blue or green—it is winter after all. But remember to stay away from dark colors like red, brown and black; they tend to make braces look even larger than they really are. That’s not to say you should wear garish colors either!

Ask your orthodontist about braces colors

Some people get so wrapped up in what shade will look best with their hair, eyes, skin tone, etc. that they forget to ask an orthodontist about braces colors! Their professional opinion should trump anyone else’s, especially yours. After all, if you hate your smile after getting orthodontic treatment, it won’t matter how cool your braces are. Still have questions? Ask away! Your orthodontist is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about choosing braces colors.

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