Law is a complex subject. Because of that, many legal professionals decide to specialize in one or more specific areas.

Lawyers can be responsible for preparing documents for many different purposes, for instance. They can also provide legal advice, set legal disputes, and a variety of other services.

But since there are so many specializations in law, in this article, we brought information about the different types of lawyers in Australia and lawyers Perth and how they can assist you with your legal matter. Be sure to follow the reading!

Types of lawyers in Australia

Check below some types of law practices in Australia and how they can help you!

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are specialized in tort law. They work to help their clients to receive compensation after facing difficulties because of a severe injury.  People who require assistance with their claims retain the services of an accident lawyer.

Their job is to protect the clients’ legal rights. It also involves seeking damages in cases like medical malpractice, construction accidents, automotive accidents, etc.

This type of lawyer usually focuses on gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, investigating claims, etc. Overall represent their client in the process of recovering their losses.

Cases like this involve medical bills, emotional distress, and many losses for their income to even companionship.

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Even though the work is very demanding, many lawyers find it is also extremely rewarding.

That is mainly because they can help injured people to recover after suffering losses because of an injury. This way, they can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Corporate Lawyer

This kind of lawyer usually works with big companies to make sure that laws and regulations are followed.

Corporate law is a very diverse area that deals with legal issues related to transactions. They are responsible for covering the legal practice of businesses, companies, and organizations.

Many corporations consult corporate attorneys regularly. They can help companies in topics such as acquisitions, mergers, drafting, and negotiations. Corporate lawyers also can be helpful when starting a new business.

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Family Lawyers

A family attorney deals with legal concerns that involve domestic matters but are not necessarily criminal cases. They can draw up documents for divorce papers or pre-nuptial agreements, for example.

This kind of lawyer provides legal advice and can represent people in court for criminal cases that include domestic abuse or child abuse.

This is a very emotionally charged area, and it requires a lot of responsibility and emotional intelligence.

In several scenarios, it is required that the lawyer remains empathetic and professional while dealing with sensitive tasks such as being responsible for the welfare of children.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are usually very well trained and highly paid as well. This happens because many of their cases can be very complex and literally a life or death situation.

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They are responsible for defending people that have been accused of crimes. They can either by employed as public or private criminal lawyers. A criminal attorney ensures that their client’s rights are protected in the interest of justice.

Their main responsibilities are to provide legal advice, build a defence, then develop a case strategy so they can advocate for the defendant at court.

Property Lawyers

Property attorneys provide legal counsel for residential property transactions and also commercial ones.

They can draft documents, review sales transactions and even negotiate real estate deals. This kind of attorney can represent property developer landlords, tenants, and also individual sellers and buyers.

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A large part of their work consists of drafting and dealing with contracts. Because of that, an estate lawyer must have good negotiation skills, especially when dealing with commercial clients.

Estate and Will Plan Lawyers

Lawyers working with estate and will law deal with many different estate-related aspects, for example, the transfer of property after a person’s death.

They are also responsible for managing the family maintenance, power of attorney and guardianship, superannuation, insurance, and taxation.  People in Western Australia who need Wills and Probate services look for wills Perth lawyers.

That means they are also in charge of creating a will for someone or setting up a trust fund. This kind of lawyer can provide sound advice on how to settle someone’s finances during their life and plan where their assets would go when they die.

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In some cases, the lawyer can even serve as an executor of a person’s will.

Employment Lawyer

Employment law deals with rights and duties protections of employers and employees to ensure fair and equitable working conditions.

The practice includes cases of employment contracts, the public sector, wages, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistle-blower protection.

Lawyers working in this line of practice will give legal advice related to subjects like drafting and negotiating employment, award compliance, performance management, termination processes, and workplace investigations.

Human Rights

Human rights attorneys are responsible for protecting the rights of individuals, ensuring they are not persecuted or discriminated against.

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Their work usually consists of advising people on their legal rights and obligations. They can also provide guidance on visa applications, review and interpret legislation, citizenship, and naturalization.

This type of attorney can help asylum seekers and refugees as well as deal with different jurisdictions, for example, international courts.

They can work in the private and public sectors and through the government.

Because this line of work handles many vulnerable individuals, several lawyers work with non-profit organizations to help provide them with essential legal assistance.

Tax Lawyer

They can work with large corporations, private groups, and individuals. Tax attorneys are responsible for providing legal advice about tax affairs and making their clients avoid risks and understand their obligations.

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This kind of lawyer has to deal with a lot of research to ensure they are up-to-date with the ever-changing federal and state regulations.

General Practice

These are the lawyers that are knowledgeable about general issues. A general practice attorney can provide solutions to simple problems, such as drawing up documents or giving legal advice. However, they usually do not represent people in court.

How Can Lawyers in Australia Help You?

Now that you know the different types of lawyers in Australia, you may be wondering how they can help you.

As you can see, there are many specializations in law. So, to know how lawyers in Australia can help you out, you need to identify your exact need and find a lawyer that can attend to your demands.

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This way, you can get the right legal guidance you need and solve the issues you might be facing.

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