Most of us are blessed to have one or a few relatives living in their golden years. More often than not, these senior loved ones require our help to live happily and comfortably. As the saying goes, old is gold, and in some cases, we need to give them a similar kind of care we give to babies or children. Some of them even have health issues that demand special care at all times. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially when your elderly relative needs changing diapers, assistance with bathing, feeding, and so forth.

All the same, the task becomes easier if you are well informed and strategic in taking care of their needs. With this being said, here are some smart strategies that will help you take better care of your elderly relatives.

1. Ensure They Always Get Quality Meals

Most of our elderly kin can barely afford to go shopping and prepare a meal for themselves. For some, appetite could be a strange word in the dictionary. This means that, unless carefully watched, older people can sometimes skip meals and risk malnutrition. One of the smartest ways to ensure older relatives are promptly and well-fed is preparing a nutritious meal that suits their dietary requirements. 

If you live nearby, you can always make plans on how the food can be delivered daily. If you reside in a different town, you can opt to hire a trusted cook who will provide healthy meals regularly. Most people consider hiring an experienced help to take care of this and other tasks like housekeeping.  

2. Consider Elderly Care Services

Especially if you are the busy type or your senior kin are a distance away, taking good care of them can be overly challenging. You may not even have the time or energy to check if the house help is doing a good job. In this case, it is best to have an assured care solution for your elderly loved one. As the folks at lay it down, you can either go for residential care or home care services depending on your needs as well as theirs. Since daycare fees are often separate from residence fees, this gives you the freedom to pick the aged care services option that will suit your budget while ensuring the best care of your aged relative.

3. Facilitate Regular Exercise

Exercises are crucial for our overall well-being, and the seniors are not an exception. They require physical exercises to keep fit, healthier, and stronger. This does not necessarily mean they enrol in a gym. They can do simple exercises like walking around, golfing, tennis, or simple stretches. Avoid keeping your older relative indoors because this will only make them dull, feeble, and more prone to old age illnesses, some of which worsen with inactivity. This not only helps to keep healthy, but it will also make them feel much better and refreshed.

4. Visit Them Regularly

Visiting your elderly often will give them a sense of love and care. With regular interaction from their kin, older people can overcome loneliness and depression better. If possible, keep a fixed schedule on the days you will be visiting your aged loved one. Most aging folks feel swept away spending time with kids. More often than not, they will always be looking forward to spending time with you guys.

If they live in their own home, try to squeeze in sleepovers out of your busy schedule once in a while. This will definitely lift their emotions. You will also be able to gauge how the caregiver is handling your relative. If you can, try to visit the neighbours and befriend them. Who knows — they can help keep an eye on your relatives and keep you updated in case of anything.

5. Regular Checkups

Health is wealth. As our old relatives advance in age, they become more and more susceptible to a diverse range of health issues. Regular medical examinations can help detect health issues early enough when they are easily treatable or curable. Planning for regular visits to the doctors is a smart way of ensuring their health is kept in check.

6. Consider Elderly Home Improvement

The elderly are always at a risk of accidents like falls or trips. For your peace of mind, you can install home monitoring devices for aged people. They come with an autonomous sensor system that monitors and alerts you in case of any abnormal behaviour of your relative. Most importantly, such home improvements are also a great way to ensure the safety, convenience, and comfort of your loved one. If your elderly loved one is an NDIS participant, most of these modifications may be reasonable expenses under their NDIS plan. Other home improvements you can make include:

  • Installing grab bars in bathrooms and toilets
  • Investing in skid-free bathroom mats
  • Installing stairlifts
  • Making the home wheelchair-friendly

Caring for elderly relatives can be arduous, and anyone can feel overwhelmed. This is more so because many of them might suffer in silence not to bother you. With the above few tips in mind, you can scale up the level of care given to your aged loved one without experiencing mental burnout.

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