Small to medium businesses are increasingly facing the challenge of frequently changing company networks and infrastructures. To remain competitive, SMB’s must ensure their networks are both cost-effective and can scale quickly. One of the most dependable means to achieving this is by deploying a 10G SMB network with QSFPTEK switches. With exceptional performance, these network switches provide SMB’s with a robust, highly secured system as well as offering unprecedented levels of scalability for future expansions. The ability to effortlessly deploy a reliable, economical SMB network in such a short amount of time could be the key factor SMBs use to gain a significant advantage in their market sectors.

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QSFPTEK’s team of experts has the perfect 10g network deployment solution for your needs. Our customer-focused approach allows us to develop a turn-key system that not only meets your budget, but also takes into consideration future growth with the added bonus of being cost-effective. All devices are available and reliable, so you can trust in our team’s capability to provide a solution that fits both now and into the future. We understand your environment and have taken all of your special needs regarding your network switches into consideration to assist you in getting the best results possible.


Better Choice for 10G/40G/100g Ethernet Growth

With 10G network speeds becoming the norm, it’s no wonder that customers have revised their switching infrastructures and now require 10G Ethernet interfaces in each server rack. Knowing this, our QSFPTEK technical team has come up with a solution- putting S5600-24T8X Ethernet switches in each building to provide the 10G connections necessary. Such a switch is perfect for most SMB users who may already have 10g optical Interfaces in their server racks and can be connected directly to an appropriate core or aggregation switch. With us, you’re guaranteed to find the best 10G network switch for your business needs – so don’t wait any longer.

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The S7600-24Y4C layer 3 switch offers 100G QSFP28 ports that transform your networking flexibility. With 4 100G available, allowing you to increase your 10G bandwidth quickly and easily. This switch is designed for data center applications and offers stack and MLAG support, which helps improve link reliability and expands network bandwidth. With 100G QSFP28 ports, the S7600-24Y4C is the ultimate choice for any expansion of 100G networks.


The 100G network switch S7600-24Y4C is perfectly capable of providing the reliable and secure operations modern data centers require. It provides superior data transport, with features such as PFC (Priority Flow Control), ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification), and Data Center TCP that ensure smooth, uninterrupted connections. Additionally it boasts impressive virtualization capabilities with signature overlay technologies NVGRE/VXLAN/GENEVE for optimized consumption of resources. Thanks to its array of features, this 100g switch by S7600-24Y4C can offer far more advantages to conventional or virtual data centers applications at aggregation layers than many other switches can provide.

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For those who are unfamiliar with 100g network switches, it can be very difficult to select the right switch for their environment and application requirements. Luckily, QSFPTEK offers an extensive series of enterprise and data center switches that are tailored to meet a wide variety of needs. Knowing that any incorrect decision could lead to unexpected business disruption or performance issues, the team at QSFPTEK has the expertise to provide the guidance necessary for selecting the ideal 100g network switch. So for those feeling overwhelmed by their switch selection journey, let QSFPTEK be your source of assistance in making sure you get exactly what you need for your 100g network.

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