When it comes to shipping a car with personal items, there are do’s and don’ts. However, there are no set principles to govern the transportation of cars with items in them. This fact brings us to the point of taking precautions about the whole shipment process. It will not be very safe to transport vital belongings along with your car.

There are times when things get complicated, and the only choice of navigation is shipping. If you find yourself in this controversial situation, there are things to do and those to avoid. Here are some of the considerations to put in place while shipping a car with personal items:

Things to Do

  • Conceal Your Stuff
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Hiding your belonging will prevent them from theft and the car from damages. During transportation, the crew might see what is in the car and steal it when not well hidden. You may not be able to sue them because they are only in charge of the vehicle. The transported goods should be below window lines for security reasons. If the goods are many, you can also tint windows on your car.

Moreover, the goods might also damage the inside of your vehicle. When not well stored, the tides and currents can cause the items to move and destroy the inside of the car. Therefore, next time you think of transporting your items, make sure you have them well packed. Remember, any damage to these goods is not compensated by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

  • Check On the Total Weight
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There is the measurement of carrier weight of cars under transportation. If you happen to stack your property in your vehicle, then you should not overstock. It may lead to added expenses due to overloading, which may be costly. If the items transported are few but heavy, you also have to consider other alternatives.

  • Consider the Type of Goods

If you decide to have your stuff delivered to you from abroad in your car, consider their nature. Perishable goods might spoil along the way before they reach you. If the goods also have expiry dates, try to view the total days the journey will cover. When you do not calculate your dates well, the goods might also spoil on the way. It usually takes a lot of processes and time when it comes to the shipment of products. Do not assume all the steps involved. Make sure you are aware of the total duration to be taken.

Things Not to Do

  • Do Not Ship Valuable Commodities in Your Car
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It is not wise enough to include costly commodities in cars under shipment. This action could endanger not only the items but also the vehicle. Anyone who understands the value of the items might break into your car. If you need to transport anything valuable, it is better to use defined channels. Use points that will be able to be accountable in case anything goes wrong with your personal items. Always remember cheap is expensive.

  • Omit Contrabands

You may at some point want to smuggle things into the country using this method. Well, your goods do not need to be open for authorities to know they contain illicit products. Nowadays, there are sniffer dogs at every port to sniff drugs, even in concealed goods. We also have scanning machines for the task.

It is not always that you will smuggle illicit goods into a country knowingly. Sometimes due to differences in laws and policies, you might do it. For example, marijuana is legal in some parts of the world. You may assume that it is permitted where the car is heading to, hence, finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. To avoid such mistakes, make sure you know the law about the goods in the country you are shipping the car.

It is advisable not to transport personal items in the car under shipment. There are a lot of risks and uncertainties involved in the entire process. If you are a risk lover or stranded, it is good to take all the necessary precautions.

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