Nowadays sub brokership has emerged as a great opportunity for the young and aspiring professionals. A sub broker is a representative of the stock broking firm and works to represent the investor or clients. Thus a sub broker acts as a connecting link between a stock broking company and its investor/trader clients.


A stock broking firm engages with a sub broker to help with a variety of tasks, including –

  • Client Sourcing
  • Client Administration, and
  • Delivering Various Services


A stockbroker can have a large network of sub brokers in many nations that furnish him with clients. In this article, we would discuss in detail the skills and qualifications necessary to become a successful sub broker.

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Eligibility and Necessary Skill-Sets for a Sub Broker in India


Many young and dynamic aspirant professionals are wondering about “how to become a sub broker.” To work as a sub-broker in India, you must possess the qualities/eligibility indicated below –


  • Academic Qualifications


  • In India, someone who has passed their Higher Secondary Board Examinations (class 12) can work as a sub broker.
  • However, the individual must have passed the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)’s Certification Exam.
  • The assets that are covered in the NISM study are –
    • Stock Market
    • Mutal Funds
    • Derivatives Markets
  • The SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) oversees the NISM certification process.
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  • Technical Expertise and Work experience


  • A person must be formally registered with the local stock market before seeking to be an equity markets sub broker.
  • If a person fits those criteria, they must find a suitable partner (stockbroker) and submit an application.
  • However, once their application has been granted by the stockbroker, they must pay an initial sum to the stockbroker.
  • The amount that must be pre-submitted differs from broker to broker, and it is also negotiable.


  • Simple Sub Broker Setup Model


  • Many Broking Companies out there are coming up with an easy Sub Brokership Without Deposit
  • The pre-submitted/initial amount for sub brokership is cheap, and the expenses for registering with SEBI and the local stock exchange are likewise low.
  • The regulatory and general criteria are also minimal.
  • Anyone who has completed their higher secondary education in India is permitted to claim for the sub broker category, which necessitates NISM certification.
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  • Partner Broker Assistance 
    • Finding the ideal stockbroker is a difficult task.
    • As a result, when picking a stockbroker, one should exercise considerable research and join the Sub Broker Partner suitable for your needs.

Sub Broker Business Model


A sub broker’s business model is based on bridging the gap between limited finances and market growth. A stock market sub-broker receives the broker’s resources, such as investment amounts, techniques, and other services, and uses them to assist clients and make large returns on their investments. Sub brokers typically help stockbrokers find clients, and in exchange, their business franchise provides them with substantial income, according to their experience.

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The business model of a sub broker has developed from private market stocks to a comprehensive array of options across a set of economic outlets. Sub brokers oftentimes notify their clients on –

  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • PMS,
  • Other Financial Instruments

The amount of profit a sub broker provides to the stock broker is determined by the number of clients and the amount of profit they provide through their experience and knowledge.




Starting your own Sub Brokership Without a Deposit is a lucrative avenue for a career boost for the young professional aspirants. A sub broker in India is someone who has mandatorily passed their higher secondary exams. However, he/she needs to have obtained the NISM certificate and needs to be registered with SEBI and local security exchanges need both be registered. The sub-brokers business model is designed in a simple way and works for the benefit of the young professionals and their working method is rewarding and designed to suit the aspirations of the young entrepreneurs.

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