Any type of online poker game — Draw, Texas Hold’ or Omaha — can earn you big winnings if you know how to play it well. Whether you are a beginner or an established player, this article will equip you with the necessary online poker fundamentals that can further enhance your gambling experience! What’s more, I used this promo for online poker so you should too to increase your winnings! Read on as we give a detailed breakdown of the various player archetypes, bluffing tips, advice for best poker sites, and more.

Types of player archetypes

While online poker can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways, there are four playing styles that most players fall under: tight player, loose player, aggressive player, and passive player.

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  • Tight players: They are the players who avoid risk at all costs. Playing many hands or making a big gamble is not their preferred style, instead, they believe in accumulating winnings in a slow but consistent manner. Patience is a key characteristic for these players as they persevere through the matches.


  • Loose players: The polar opposite of tight players who enjoy taking risks and playing even with subpar hands. Even their bankroll takes after their unpredictability, where the money rises and falls randomly across a certain time.


  • Aggressive players: These are the players who will not hesitate to raise, or even go all-in when they have good cards. Their bold moves sure lead to a journey of big wins and big losses since folding is not an option for them.
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  • Passive players: They are the type who would let others dictate the game, where you see them calling and folding but seldom raising. But they should not be overlooked, for they will silently surprise you with a winning hand.


Most individuals will identify with one or two-player archetypes, but only the best players will exemplify all of these traits — making it harder for opponents to read their intentions.

Strategy One: Calculating poker odds

Poker odds can be tricky to calculate, especially when most cards are hidden from you. For starters, calculate your winning odds by looking for outs (the cards that enhance your hand).

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Strategy Two: Professional Bluffing strategies

The best part about online gambling is not having to keep a poker face — so opponents cannot decipher your hands based on your expression! Instead, players are now represented by a customizable digital avatar.


But bluffing is not limited to just expressions during games, and players can still outwit and puzzle the rest based on how they play the game. For example, hastily placing a bet intentionally may lead others to infer that you have a great hand, which explains the visible eagerness to play. Whereas, players who take their time may appear as though they are agonizing over their moves and signify their possible ‘bad’ hand. Thus, strategizing your moves with intention can deceive others to unfold the games according to your plan.

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Players should note that their opponents are constantly monitoring your betting style, but this constant scrutiny can be used as your leverage by intentionally including obvious bluffs that make you seem as though you are unsure about your own moves. Having them undermining your ability can become your advantage in subsequent games when you score yourself a winning hand.


While the ultimate bluff in poker is to go all in, they should be used in moderation. It can be an effective bluff when used occasionally, but players are recommended to pull this trick only if their hand is better than the rest.

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Strategy Three: Remember the poker hands

In the game of poker, players have no one but themselves to blame if they missed a winning combination due to ignorance. Though there are numerous combinations in this game, any poker novice should familiarize themselves with the following poker hands:


  • Royal flush: Unlike the other hands, there is just one combination that is considered to be a royal flush — three picture cards alongside a ten and an ace card. To make things more challenging, the royal flush requires all the cards to have the same suit.


  • Straight flush: A straight refers to any combination where the cards follow its numerical order. But it is only a straight flush when this said combination owns the same suit too.
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  • Four of a kind: As the name suggests, this hand comprises four cards of one rank and a single card of another rank.


  • Full house: This is a common hand, where players have to gather three cards of the same rank and two cards from a matching rank.


  • Flush: This combination can be achieved when all five cards contain the same suit.

Strategy Four: Finding a compatible poker site

Equipping yourself with all the necessary knowledge about the game of poker can be a futile effort if you are playing on sites that are detrimental to your gambling experience. To prevent situations as such, players should look for these green flags when registering for a site:

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  • A large pool of players: While the ethnicity of players is not a big concern, a big player pool is equivalent to more games and prizes you can receive in the game


  • Wide variation of poker: Players can be spoilt for choices as they explore different types of online poker


  • Smooth software: Having a smooth interface can make or break one’s gaming experience. No one wishes to have their games interrupted by glitches or disconnection!


  • Numerous deposit and withdrawal methods: Finding an online poker site with multiple deposit and withdrawal methods makes it easy and convenient to bankroll your poker play.
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The game of poker, whether traditional or online, can be easily learned but it requires a lifetime to master. Though it is impossible to become a poker master overnight, we’ve packed this article with four main strategies — calculating poker odds, pulling bluffing strategies, essential poker hands, and the indicators of a good online poker site — that should be sufficient to equip yourself with a competitive edge.


No matter what type of player you are, we believe that poker skills are best honed through constant practice and as the wise saying goes — practice makes perfect. We hope you enjoy this game of deceit and luck as much as we do!

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