Education without morals is like a ship without a compass, merely wandering nowhere

– Martin Luther King

Education, in the real sense, contributes to the holistic development of an individual, comprising both mental and moral development. In a world where degeneration of values is being witnessed, moral education determines the social behaviour and thinking of an individual and makes him/her differentiate between what is right and wrong.

Moral education is considered necessary since times immemorial as it teaches tolerance, mutual respect, pluralistic values and diversity. It helps and encourages a person to follow the path of righteousness.

Kids and young people readily and automatically absorb all kinds of influences, good or bad. Therefore, school is considered to be one of the best social settings to teach and inculcate these skills in children.

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An individual needs to have proper guidance to lead a harmonious life since man is a social animal. Leading a peaceful life helps to have the right attitude towards life and other fellow beings and also make morally correct decisions in future.

Nowadays, apart from children, many moral education programs are being developed specifically for adolescents and adults. Businesses, firms and organizations are also included in imparting this knowledge by conducting moral education sessions and training programs for the employees. These value sessions are supposed to boost the work morale, confidence levels and productivity among the employees.

Moral values determine the life quality of not only an individual but also to social solidarity. We live in a world where various cultures co-exist and people are guided by many codes of ethics, values and rules. With this diversity around, an individual needs to give importance to its moral values.

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Many experts believe that moral education is an umbrella term used to refer to different concepts like

  • Social learning
  • Cognitive development
  • Emotional learning
  • Health education
  • Moral reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Life skills education
  • Conflict resolution
  • Violence prevention
  • Mediation and ethical reasoning

 Benefits of Moral Education

Moral education, in today’s times, has become an integral part of a peaceful life. Home is the best place to start with the teaching of moral values as there are many benefits to it, some of which are mentioned below:

1- Positivity

It imbibes positive characteristics and helps in building a positive approach to life. It also helps in finding the real purpose of life by providing self-confidence and motivation.

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2- Clean Life

Moral education helps in wiping out bad influences from society. It eliminates problems like dishonesty, child abuse, disrespecting women, jealousy, violence etc. from one’s life, building a right professional and personal life.

3- Cooperation

To coexist peacefully, cooperation is one of the necessary skills required. Teaching this skill from childhood ensures its easy grasping and implementing. In life, many events arise wherein it is required to cooperate with people around.

4- Being Responsible

Being responsible is an essential skill that plays a crucial role in an individual’s lifetime. Moral education helps in accomplishing the task of making their children accountable.

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Everybody wants their children to be responsible individuals for which moral education is the perfect technique. Moral education teaches children to take up small responsibilities in order to acquire this important skill.

5- Working Independently

Man is a social animal and cannot work in isolation. An individual needs to learn the technique of working in groups. Man has healthy social needs, but one must also learn to work alone.

Working independently is often mistaken as working in isolation. Moral education ensures that individuals learn to operate independently without being isolated from their surroundings.

6- Practicality

The field of moral education focuses on the skills that are required to function in the real world. It frequently thrusts toward asking children to practice such skills. These values can also be applied to other fields such as academic career, personal relationships.

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7- Decision making

Decision making plays an important role in any individual’s life. Moral education gives space and leverage of making mistakes at the same time learning from them. Learning from your own mistakes helps to make the right and informed decisions in the future.

8- Honesty

Honesty is one of the crucial traits of moral education. Honesty should be practised in any and every area of life.

For example, let’s consider a situation of borrowing money from any financial institution.

These days many banks or financial institutions offer various loans, including loans for unemployed, car loans, education loans etc. They also bring cash loans to your door for unemployed and employed both irrespective of your employment status. Timely repayment of these loans is a situation testing the honesty of an individual.

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The Conclusion:

Moral education contributes immensely to an individual’s life. With moral values as in an integral part of the education, children grow up to become civic, good, healthy, well-mannered, successful, non-bullying, socially acceptable and well-behaved.

In terms of time, moral education and education go hand in hand. Moral values give us immense satisfaction, happiness, and confidence to face life as it is. These values help to mould individuals into better human beings inculcating proper values and traits in them.

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