If you’ve ever visited a casino, you may have noticed slot machines with bingo cards and numbered balls. They are commonly found in many casinos around the world and are unique and interesting to play around with if you ever get a chance to. However, travelling to casinos and sinking a lot of money into plane tickets and accommodation, not to mention overpriced food and drink is unappealing to most, especially since the pandemic.

As such, online versions of these slot machines have boomed in popularity, and for good reason.  These bingo-style slot machines look just the same as a regular slot machine that you can find in most casinos and have you spinning the reels and watching the symbols roll along to hopefully line up for that sweet big jackpot prize.

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The only difference is that along with the regular slots panel, there will be bingo cards and balls that determine your results rather than the symbols themselves.

With traditional slot machines, players normally stay only for a few spins and hop to another machine hoping for better odds. However, with a bingo slot, you’re rewarded for playing the same machine for a long period of time to reap the additional BINGO incentives. As such, players who have come to prefer these machines would rather play online, saving all the expenses I mentioned above to put back into bingo slots.

That can still get expensive over time though, so make sure to get a headstart by heading over here to grab some free spins.

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That being said, in this article, we will be talking about how bingo — a popular traditional game — has been incorporated into these online bingo slot machines. We also explore how they work and why you just may want to try them out the next time you come across one.

What is Bingo?

Traditionally, bingo is played with cards that contain numbers on them. These cards contain 25 numbers randomized in squares. The game master gets the ball rolling by calling out numbers drawn from a randomized lot and does so each turn.

Players will then crosses out the numbers called out on their card, and the first player to cross out a full row and calls out “Bingo!” wins the jackpot prize! The game is then reset and repeated with the remaining players. If two players or more win at the same time, then the prize money is divided evenly amongst them.

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Why Bingo?

In some casinos around the world, local rules and regulations dictate that a casino can only offer limited games to their patrons that are based only on poker or bingo.

These rules are quite dated and may have been set in place for certain financial or cultural reasons. Such casinos can then agree with local lawmakers to curate the sets of games that they are allowed to provide to their patrons.

However, there are only so many variations of card-based bingo and poker games. Furthermore, around the time of the law, slot machines were experiencing a serious boom in popularity.

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As such, some casinos have adapted to these regulations and constraints and started being more creative with how they can incorporate elements of bingo and poker into regular casino games such as slot machines.

How Bingo Slot Machines Work

As mentioned, online bingo slot machines look and feel exactly like regular online slots on your online casino site. The game starts with the placing of a bet and spinning the reels.Where it differs from regular slots is in how the result is determined, and this is where the bingo aspect comes in. While a regular slot machine uses symbols based on the theme of the machine — such as fruits or video games — bingo-style slot machines use a computer bingo generator that releases numbered balls to decide whether or not you’ve won.

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This style of gaming also requires multiple players to be playing simultaneously as is the case with bingo, which while was once clunky in person, is now seamless

Think of bingo-style slot machines as just regular slot machines, but instead of symbols lining up its bingo numbers that determine if you have won or lost your bet. The results are produced on a randomized basis and use the same element of chance as any other slot machine game, or any other casino game for that matter.

Which Should You Play? Many online casino players prefer to stick to games that are more familiar to them as they feel more comfortable placing their bets that way. Regular slots are also popularly depicted in film and other media, making them more accessible and enticing to the players hoping to make a quick buck.

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Players should exercise some patience while using bingo slot machines, as earnings tend to distribute themselves more evenly over time as compared to other forms of online slots where the winnings and the losses come fast. Your patience will be rewarded, as bingo slots tend to give you much more game time and more stable win/loss ratios.

If you like the quickness of losing and gaining money then stick with regular slots, although a lot of new bingo slot games have been ramping up the speed and volatility. You’ll be surprised!


Bingo-style slots offer a unique and fun experience for the regular casino-goer looking for a novel casino gaming experience, as well as adding a familiar touch for budding bingo lovers.

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These slots are just as fair as regular slots and can be just as fun if not more. So give them a try the next time you decide to sink your bankroll into a new room! It is all about luck and timing, as even a split-second delay might see you losing (or winning) all the prize money.

Oh, and one last thing, remember to grab the free spins mentioned in the introduction. Who knows, you just might end up spinning for free and yelling “Bingo!” in front of your computer, watching your eWallet fill up!

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