The Caribbean stone called the Larimar is the gemstone known for its unique blue color formation, which has captivated the minds of millions. The stunning, eye-catching jewelry pieces are made using these crystals, which are set into sterling silver for a perfect jewelry ornament. These crystals can be worn on special occasions as well as on daily purposes.

Before selling these beautiful Larimar jewelry pieces to your customers, you should know about the details of this stone to have a lasting impression on your store. Moreover, the information will develop the buyers’ trust and authenticity towards you and your products.

Known the History Behind the Larimar Gemstone

So, Larimar is a blue stone with white swirls and bubbles like inclusion on the surface, increasing its demand. The gemstone has tumbled down into the river from the mountains during the earthquake calamity that occurred many years ago. They were stored in the mountains for several years as when the volcanic eruption happened, and these crystals resulted from the lava formed in that activity.

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Then one day, a priest was walking near the sea of the Caribbean Island, and he found these crystals on the seashore. At that time, Tano Indians were also there, but no one took the step to send them for identification. Years later, around 1974, a volunteer again found these crystals in the same place, and he sent them to the gem identification lab for testing, where they are approved as a semi-precious gemstones. The whole Dominican Republic celebrated the foundation of these crystals, as this was the only place in the whole world where these stones were found.

Then the local miners started to mine these crystals and sent them across the world. This became one of their essential profession after agriculture. Even today, the miners mine the mountains where these crystals have been hidden since the time of the volcanic eruption. These crystals are made of pectolite mineral, which is abundant in the world, but the Larimar gemstone with pectolite mineral is rare.

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Stone Meaning

The larimar meaning denotes the ocean and the blue sky from where they have come. Moreover, they are called the dolphin stone as they possess the dolphin’s calmness and patience power. They create a soothing impact in the life of the wearer, and the best ways to wear these crystals are in the form of a Larimar ring. It will bring serenity and peace into life as it is connected with water. Furthermore, the silky and smooth texture of the Larimar gemstone promotes ease in communication as it is associated with the throat chakra.

Tips And Care

This soft gemstone needs care to work long last; it should be protected from scratches and damages. Otherwise, it could be fractured or chip. Using mild soap and water is the best way of cleaning the gemstone. Please don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the Larimar, as it can fade and damage the gemstone’s beauty. Avoid exposure to prolonged heat, cosmetic items, like makeup products, lotion, creams, and other chemicals. Always store this gemstone in a separate box to protect it from getting scratched from other jewelry items which have higher Mohs scale than Larimar.

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