Cleanliness and hygiene matter the most when it comes to keeping your family in good health. May it be your clothes, kitchen, or carpets- everything needs to be clean and germ-free. You might be habitual of cleaning your carpets every week. But do you know they can still be dirty and infectious?- Yes, carpets can trap a lot of dirt, dust and germs within their layers. This happens because of the food spills, pests, and regular foot traffic. Thus, it is very important to opt for professional carpet cleaning Blacktown after every few months.

Not only for maintaining new-like looks, but cleaning is necessary for many other reasons. Professional carpet cleaning and dirt removal pulls out all types of germs, bacteria and dust from the carpets. Dirty carpets can make your family members allergic and give them serious skin diseases. Not only to the family members, but they can also make your pets ill. There are many important facts about dirty carpets that you need to know. Read the below-listed points to update your knowledge about dirty carpets.

How are dirty carpets affecting your home?

Dirty carpets look clumsy, dull, and lose their brightness. Besides taking away the beauty of your home, they affect the hygiene and overall health of your family members. Are your kids suddenly facing issues in breathing? Are they suddenly complaining about foul odor in your living room?- Your dirty carpets can be the reasons of such problems.

Carpets that have trapped loads of dust and food spills within them, can cause serious skin diseases, allergies, itching, and foul smell around them. Moreover, these dirty carpets can be hiding places for numerous insects, pests, and germs. Pest infestations are very commonly found within the bottom layers of dirty carpets. Want to save your kids and pets from all the above-mentioned problems?- Then opt for regular Carpet Cleaning Blacktown and get rid of the carpet dirt, dust, and germs.

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Facts about dirty carpets that you probably didn’t know-

1)     Dirty carpets attract even more dirt- Surprised?- Yes, its true. Dirty carpets can accumulate even more dirt and oil residues from the atmosphere onto the layers of your carpet. If you are not habitual of cleaning your carpets regularly, the dirt falling from outside will stick to the carpet fibers and make a sticky platform for even more dirt.

2)     Hosts to germs and bacteria- The dirt, dust and food spills on your carpets can become feeding supporters for germs, pests and bacteria. Carpets are actually filters that trap dirt, dust, cigarette smoke, tars, and environment pollutants. But once they are full, they fail to hold them any longer and start emitting them in air. So, before these pollutants make you sick- call for a professional carpet cleaning Blacktown.

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3)     Dangers for asthmatic and allergic sufferers- Carpets that have dust accumulation within their bottom layers can be dangerous for asthmatic and allergic patients. They entrap and then release dirt-like air pollutants in the home. The dust mites from such carpets can trigger asthma attacks and can cause serious allergies in sensitive persons.

4)     The lesser-known norovirus- Are you aware of the most common hiding place of the norovirus, also known as Norwalk virus?- It is a dirty carpet. Dirty carpets can become feeding shelters to norovirus for more than a few weeks. With regular walking or rolling over them, they can become airborne and can cause serious diseases.

5)     DIY cleaning is not always the solution- After getting aware about the health risks from dirty carpets, you might think to clean them yourself. But dust accumulation, permanent stains and germ build ups cannot be removed with DIY cleaning methods. Stay wise and choose the professional carpet cleaning Blacktown.

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Clean and hygienic carpets not only add beauty in your home, but they also ensure good health and clean environment for your family. You can try DIY cleaning methods for regular cleaning. But for long-lasting and trustworthy results- opt for professional carpet cleaning only.

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