While magnetic window cleaners are innovative & unique tools that have recently gained popularity among consumers, they serve a very specific purpose when it comes to cleaning windows and aren’t that efficient as well. In case you believe that magnetic window cleaners are the future, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are various drawbacks when it comes to magnetic window cleaners and in some cases, they can even damage your windows. 

Hence, it’s crucial to learn the drawbacks of using magnetic window cleaners, before you proceed to invest in the same. 

The Many Disadvantages Of Using Magnetic Window Cleaners
  1. They’re A Safety Hazard
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Magnetic window cleaners are not the ideal solution when it comes to cleaning windows on the upper floors of your home or windows that fail to open. If any window doesn’t open, then you’ll be unable to clean the exterior part of the windows, unless you use a ladder. However, do remember that using ladders can prove to be extremely dangerous and by using ladders you’re risking your life. 

Thus, if you have to clean windows that don’t open or are present in the second or above floors of your home, then it’s better to simply avoid using magnetic window cleaners.

  1. The Magnets Are Too Strong On These Cleaners
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You must learn that most magnetic window cleaners these days use strong magnets to ensure that they don’t get unstuck and thereby stay in place while cleaning. However, while such a feature can be an advantage at times, it can also be a disadvantage because it makes the cleaner difficult to move and thereby clean the entire windowpane. Moreover, if you’re already struggling to use the tool, then you’ll be unable to concentrate on the cleaning task.

Sometimes, magnetic window cleaners can even scratch & damage the glass of your windows because of the presence of strong magnets. As a result, you’ll end up doing more damage to your windows than doing anything good. 

  1. They Take A Very Long Time To Clean The Windows
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If you value your time, then you must avoid using magnetic window cleaners. This is because if you’re spending too much time trying to get the magnets moving and thereby clean your windows. At this point, it’s better to simply opt for window cleaning brushes instead and get the cleaning completed in a jiffy.

Moreover, with a window cleaning brush, you don’t even have to spend much effort in performing the same. It’s a much less complicated process than using magnetic window cleaners.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the heyday, magnetic window cleaners are highly flawed to be used as tools for cleaning windows. Instead, window cleaning brushes are the more efficient choice. 

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