Coming to Thailand is a wonderful experience for foreign people, especially those who have had little contact with the Eastern world. It is a rich country with an amazing personality, beautiful people, wonderful places to visit, and a really interesting culture. No travel to Thailand will be complete if you don’t get immersed in this interesting way of life, which is considered one of the healthiest on earth. And the reason why Thai people is healthy and do not suffer from so many cardiovascular problems compared to the Western world is carved deep in the millennial memory of its people in Muay Thai, the national sport and most important discipline in the country.

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Muay Thai has been practiced in Thailand for many years. It was formerly used to train Thai soldiers, and it is still used in this scenario, but its practice has been progressively replaced by modern warfare. However, Muay Thai has never stopped being important in Thai’s culture, and it is something you should experience if you ever come to the country. Moreover, Muay Thai is a very important component in Thai’s people cardiovascular and metabolic health, and there’s a strongly founded reason why.

By training this martial art, you will increase your levels of fitness, as with many others. However, what differences Muay Thai from other disciplines is that you will engage every muscle and articulation of your body in a sequence of strikes instead of using mostly your arms or your legs to strike. Every part of the body is trained properly in the same session, and you will also include bodyweight exercises that will help you get fit, increase your strength, speed up your metabolism, improve your balance, and much more.

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Muay Thai is a variable technique you can adopt at your own pace, and a social activity you can share with your friends and family. It is also a good way to meet new people with a healthy mindset, and a great experience if you want to have a deeper understanding of what it feels to be and live in Thailand. This sport has been practiced at least once by most Thai people, and there are many junior champions with an impressive technique and a mind-blowing young age.

The reason why Muay Thai has reached far and became popular in many countries among fitness enthusiasts is that this discipline covers many aspects of your health at the same time and it is a good way to enjoy while you’re losing weight and becoming a better version of yourself. Even though you can actually learn this discipline back in your country, trying Muay Thai in Thailand at will make your experience even richer, and you will see the difference and experience the real thing with native instructors and teachers who are always prepared to receive foreign people interested in Thai culture. Thus, if you want to experience Thailand at its fullest, don’t hesitate and make your appointment in one of our Muay Thai training camps, all over the country and always open for foreign people like you.

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