Pests like termites are uninvited guests that share your living spaces and create almost irreversible troubles for you. Decaying wooden structures, accumulated wooden dust, and brown colored hanging structures from your ceiling are the biggest signs of termite infestations. Once these termites succeed in entering your home, you cannot save your expensive furniture items from damage and decay. 

Prevention is always better than cure. So, it is always better to prevent their entry in your home. And if they have entered, you should follow some smart ways to prevent their further growth and call for professional termite control Adelaide. Want to know about the smart ways to prevent termites in your home?- Read below to know how to ensure a termite-free home.

Where do termites hide?

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Termites are the most harmful and damage causing pests. They love moisture, dampness and darkness. So, the hidden and dark areas of your home that have trapped moisture within them, offer great hiding spaces for termites. Moist walls, ceiling, decaying wooden structures, and small cracks in doors and windows are the most common living spaces for them. 

Not only these, but termites can hide in some unusual places in your home too. Some of those little-known places are-

  • Kitchen drawers,
  • Window Panes,
  • Wooden wardrobes, and
  • Within the walls.

Tube-like brown colored patches on ceiling or walls are a clear sign of termite infestations in homes. They can hide in the most tiny holes and cracks without even coming into your notice.

How to ensure a termite-free home?

  • Say no to moisture- Moisture is the best friend of termites. Hot, humid, and moist environmental conditions can result in termite infestations at your home. So, opt for a dehumidifier, and keep on switching your air conditioner after every few hours to maintain a cooler atmosphere. If you have already noticed infestations, call for professional Termite Control Adelaide before the situation gets even worse.
  • Repair the leaks and damages- Leaks, damages, and decay in your house can be the possible reasons for termite attacks. So, pay attention to the leaks and repair them as soon as you can, to prevent termites. Moreover, do not forget to repair the leaks and decay in your basement as they can invite the termites at the earliest because of being closest to the ground.
  • Opt for a timely decluttering- Wooden debris, cardboards, paper waste, newspapers, and old magazines are great feeding items for termites. So, remember to declutter your house after every few months to prevent termite attacks. Especially, if you notice your store room getting affected by termites, do not relocate that room’s stuff to any other room as it can transfer termites too, and call for professional termite control Adelaide.
  • A sun bath for suspected items- Termites do not really like sun as they cannot bear the heat. So, if you notice any of your furniture items getting attacked by termites- the best solution would be to place that item in direct sunlight for at least three days. The heat from direct sunlight would kill the termites. This heat would evaporate the excess moisture from that furniture item too. But remember to dust off that item and use a termite spray on it to prevent the chances of re-infestation.
  • Call for professional help- Millions of termites live together in colonies. So, once they have attacked, it is very difficult to remove them on your own. Also, home owners are able to understand the problem only when it becomes out of their control. But why worry when you can have professional help here?- Call for professional termite control Adelaide and make your home termite-free. Only professionals can help you at the time of termite infestation. They use efficient methods and state of art tool to eliminate the unwanted guests from your place. 


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Termites are the greatest damage causing pests that can spread various diseases too. So, it is very important to prevent their entry into your home. And in case, they have already managed to enter your home, do not let the situation go out of your hands. Call for professional termite removal, follow the above-mentioned tips and get rid of them as soon as you can.

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