Everyone knows someone who has eliminated grains from their diet or adopted a gluten-free lifestyle. Many proponents of this grain-free ideology have likely preached the advantages of eating entire foods instead of bread. What about your dogs, though? Could going grain-free have health benefits for them as well? Understanding the advantages of grain-free dog food is the first step toward ensuring your dogs’ long-term health and happiness.


Better Digestion


To learn about the best food for dogs, you must first learn about their forefathers, the wolves. Instead of grazing in wheat fields, wolves would chase down wildlife and feast on protein-rich meals.

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A dog’s digestive tract is not designed to break down grains because they are carnivores. Unfortunately, in the mass manufacture of pet food, grain-based fillers such as corn and wheat are less expensive than high-quality meat.


These grains are often difficult for dogs to digest, resulting in gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, rashes, and other major health problems. The ability of dogs to absorb and utilize vital nutrients properly is one of the major advantages of grain-free dog food.


Grain-Free Dog Food reduces Allergy Symptoms


One of the most crucial merits of Grain-free dog food is that it could be the perfect nutrition addition for dogs that face allergies. A staggering amount of puppy owners found that their pup’s allergy symptoms decreased or disappeared altogether when they switched to grain-free dog food.

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Some of the symptoms of food allergies that could affect your puppy’s health include :


  • Constipation
  • Loose Motions
  • Excessive Gastro.
  • Itching or biting.

If your dog exhibits any of these signs, you should consult your veterinarian to rule out a serious illness. Once your dog has been cleared, consider switching him to grain-free dog food to see if the symptoms go away.


Grain-Free Food also provides cosmetic benefits


While the health benefits of grain-free dog food are usually enough to convince owners to make the transition, it can also help your dog appear healthier. Grain-free dog food can aid in the development of less flaky skin, a shinier coat, and whiter teeth in your dog. Grain-free dog food can also help your dog breathe better, so you can enjoy less stinky dog kisses.

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The benefits of grain-free dog food are of immense proportion. Choose from a variety of Australian grain-free dog-food options only at Dave’s Pet and Garden.

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