Many new tech devices have made our homes safer. Much of the smart home technology focuses on security. So you do not have to worry about someone breaking into your home while you are enjoying an online live casino.

But to really improve your home’s security, all you have to do is follow these steps.

Always keep an eye on your property, even when you are not at home. For this purpose, you can buy special cameras. Connected to your phone, you can always check what is happening at home.

It is better to leave the lights on in your garden and driveway. This way, no one can see that you are not actually at home. However, the electricity bill will be higher then. It is better to buy special energy-saving lights.

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The so-called smart lights and home cameras have the pleasant side effect of making your home safer. Outdoor cameras and a video door phone system ensure that you are always in the picture, no matter where you are.

You can also install a full-fledged alarm system. This will ring whenever someone tries to force open a window or the door.

Better fencing around your yard will also help. This will make it harder for criminals to actually enter your property.

There is a spare key for every door. You should hide these well. It is quite common for people to lose their keys. But then you have a backup and can replace the lockboxes.

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If you have other smaller buildings on your property that you do not spend a lot of time in, you should get a special lockbox there as well. A very strong one that makes it impossible to break into.  Especially if it is far away and it would take you some time to hear the alarm.

Protect your other belongings as well. For example, cars and bicycles. It is better to park your car in the garage and have a special shed for your bike.

Garden furniture also needs a place where you can put it when you do not need it. But not only that they are not stolen, but they also need a cover when it rains.

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To be better protected in the house, it is advisable to buy a safe. Even if someone manages to get into your house, it is more difficult to open a safe. And there is not much time left.

There is a huge market for such security devices.




This will really improve your security. And not all of these devices are expensive. As statistics show, the percentage of smart home technology users in Europe exceeds 20% in only two countries. In Denmark and the Netherlands, people seem to be more fond of this technology. They are followed by Sweden and Norway (19%), Iceland (17%), and the United Kingdom with 16%. The EU average is 10%. That’s not much considering how large the European market is. So the reasons vary greatly depending on the generation.

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