The goal of an internship would be to improve professional competencies by working in a real-world setting. Since internships are an opportunity for learning, it is essential to review the skills you’ve acquired during the time you have spent with the company.

The article below, written by studycrumb, will outline the most important elements of a report on an internship and provide a template and sample to write your own.

What exactly is an internship report?

An internship report provides a concise summary of your experience during the internship that many employers want to know about your experience at their workplace. It is crucial as it informs your instructor of the lessons and abilities you gained and the opportunities to use those skills.

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Your report on your internship includes pertinent information regarding your experience as an intern, including the description of your job within the company and the work you performed, and the abilities you acquired. Your supervisor can utilize this report to enhance the opportunities for internships or to teach new students.

When is an internship-related report required?

Some educational programs may not need an intern report. However, if your employer requires one, you should be sure that you allow yourself enough time to complete the report. It may be beneficial to keep a record of your internship to keep track of the most important information. Even if the program you are in doesn’t require a report on your internship, it may still serve as a useful personal guide to evaluate this valuable learning experience.

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How to write an internship report?

A report on your internship should include specific details about your experience during the internship. Additionally, it should include sections on the abilities you learned. Remember, however, that you should follow any directions the employer of your internship provided you with regard to your report. The instructions may include mandatory information, formatting deadlines, and so on.


Follow these steps to write your report for your internship:


  1. Create a title page

Include a cover page that includes your name, your class, the date, as well as the name of the institution. This will distinguish your report from those of other interns, who could also submit reports.

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  1. Create an index of the contents

It is also helpful to include the table of contents along with your report on the internship. It should be the very first page of your report as it lets readers move to the areas of the report that they would be most interested in.


  1. Include background information about the business

The report should contain an accurate background of the company’s history. Include data such as the date the company was established and the purpose of the company and mission, the kinds of work the company does each day, and any other pertinent information. Context provides the reader with more comprehension of the experience.

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  1. Include your job and responsibilities as part of the program

The bulk of your report from your internship will be focused on your experience within the organization. Before you write about your experiences and lessons you’ve learned, it is beneficial to explain your role and duties as an intern for the business. This will provide the reader with a complete description of your experience and will allow you to talk about your achievements in the position.


  1. Talk about what you learned and the abilities you learned

In the principal section of your report on your internship, you will write about what you learned as well as the skills you developed. Connect these skills back to your education experience. Define specific experiences within the company that influenced your growth.

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  1. Conclusion with considerations for the future

It is also helpful to look at the talents or experiences you’d wish to improve. For instance, if you would like to have more direct client experiences, then discuss it. If you’d hoped to have more involvement with the technical side of the company, you could discuss the same thing. This gives you an insight into the areas you’d like to work on for your next job and also suggests ways to improve the quality of the internship program.


Be aware that multiple people could be reading your report on your internship, including your supervisor at the time of your internship and other management members of the company. If your work is in your education, instructors or classmates, as well as other school officials, could be able to read your report. Keep a professional approach to communication, and be sure to check your report’s spelling before you submit it.

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